Income inequality and population health : Evidence favouring a negative correlation between income inequality and life expectancy has disappeared
Comparing percutaneous tracheostomy with open surgical tracheostomy : Both will coexist until robust evidence becomes available
Screening for inherited metabolic disease in newborn infants using tandem mass spectrometry : Further assessment of performance and outcome is needed
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Chronic fatigue report delayed as row breaks out over content
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Individual income, income distribution, and self rated health in Japan: cross sectional analysis of nationally representative sample
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Relations of income inequality and family income to chronic medical conditions and mental health disorders: national survey
Education, income inequality, and mortality: a multiple regression analysis
Smoking during pregnancy and diabetes mellitus in a British longitudinal birth cohort
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Effect of β lactam antibiotic use in children on pneumococcal resistance to penicillin: prospective cohort study
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Globalisation and health : Informed and open debate on globalisation and health is needed
Globalisation and health : Challenges of globalisation deserve better than simplistic polemics
Globalisation and health : Globalisation should be supported
Globalisation and health : Author's reply
Globalisation and health : Struggle for public health and against economic globalisation go hand in hand
Globalisation and health : Globalisation is not good for your health
Globalisation and health : More openness is needed before more trade
Globalisation and health : Globalisation of information could decrease effectiveness of healthcare provision
Private health care in developing countries : Access cannot be equated simply with supply
Private health care in developing countries : Strong public provision is only hope for health care in developing countries
Impact of telemedicine must be defined in developing countries
Comparative efficiency of national health systems : Developed countries must pay attention to wider issues in helping developing countries
Comparative efficiency of national health systems : Methodological problems were understated
Comparative efficiency of national health systems : Author's reply
Comparative efficiency of national health systems : To improve health care system's performance, drink red wine
Managing term breech deliveries : External cephalic version should be routine clinical practice in UK
Managing term breech deliveries : Patient values are crucial for good medical decision making
Managing term breech deliveries : Term breech trial does not provide unequivocal evidence
Managing term breech deliveries : Authors' reply
Steroid injections are helpful in rotator cuff tendinopathy
Teenage pregnancies are influenced by family structure
Inequalities and research need to be balanced
Phytoestrogens and menopause : Published evidence supports a role for phytoestrogens in menopause
Phytoestrogens and menopause : Pharmacological attributes of plant based drugs should be discussed widely
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Chris Silagy : One of the leading lights of evidence based medicine dies aged 41
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