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Mass orphanhood in the era of HIV/AIDS
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Doctor reprimanded for giving antiretroviral drug to baby who was raped
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Progression to symptomatic disease in people infected with HIV-1 in rural Uganda: prospective cohort study
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Use of magnetic resonance angiography to select candidates with recently symptomatic carotid stenosis for surgery: systematic review
Time trends in survival and readmission following coronary artery bypass grafting in Scotland, 1981-96: retrospective observational study
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The danger of health books
Letter to Georgiana Morpeth, 16 February 1820
Fusidic acid cream in the treatment of impetigo in general practice: double blind randomised placebo controlled trial
Rehumanise yourself
Reducing heterosexual transmission of HIV in poor countries
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Commentary: Involving traditional birth attendants in prevention of HIV transmission needs careful consideration
Care with case notes
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A form of stupidity
Doctors in Guantanamo Bay are at risk of being accessories to torture
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Therapeutic consultation centres are helpful in developing countries
Animal studies and HIV research
Animal studies and HIV research
President Mbeki might have a case on rethinking AIDS
Trends in sex differences in mortality from heart disease
Trends in sex differences in mortality from heart disease
Diet-heart disease hypothesis is wishful thinking
Does the internet harm health?
Does the internet harm health?
Quinacrine in possible or probable CJD
Quinacrine in possible or probable CJD
WMA should not retreat on use of placebos
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Surveillance for S aureus bacteraemias is compulsory
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