Winter vomiting : Infections due to Norwalk-like viruses are underestimated
Hyperprolactinaemia caused by antipsychotic drugs : This common side effect needs more attention
Long waiting lists in hospitals : Operational research needs to be used more often and may provide answers
Preventing domestic violence : Most women welcome inquiries, but doctors and nurses rarely ask about it
US panel finds insufficient evidence to support mammography
Advocates of PSA testing campaign to silence critics
In brief
Doctor says some hospitals too ready to apologise
Pro-tobacco writer admits he should have declared an interest
Academics face court clash with tobacco giants
Gujarat earthquake causes major mental health problems
A third of surgeons in New South Wales admit to euthanasia
Withdrawal from paroxetine can be severe, warns FDA
WHO issues guidance on monitoring injuries
Mortality and volume of cases in paediatric cardiac surgery: retrospective study based on routinely collected data
Relative importance of genetic effects in rheumatoid arthritis: historical cohort study of Danish nationwide twin population
Commentary: Do genes or environment influence development of rheumatoid arthritis?
A nose is a nose is a nose
The cigarette and the depopulation problem
Improvement in cholesterol emboli syndrome after iloprost therapy
Challenges in managing profound hypokalaemia
Reported frequency of domestic violence: cross sectional survey of women attending general practice
Identifying domestic violence: cross sectional study in primary care
Influence of direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising and patients' requests on prescribing decisions: two site cross sectional survey
Two deaths, two lives
Booked inpatient admissions and hospital capacity: mathematical modelling study
Childhood leukaemia
Lessons of yore
All you need is cognitive behaviour therapy?
Commentary: Benevolent scepticism is just what the doctor ordered
Commentary: Yes, cognitive behaviour therapy may well be all you need
Commentary: Symptoms or relationships
Commentary: The “evidence” is weaker than claimed
Unreasonableness pays off
Chronic aspirin is effective—if data are massaged sufficiently
Revalidating retired doctors : Revalidation is essential for retired doctors who continue to practise
Revalidating retired doctors : Retired doctors' skills would be invaluable in a crisis
Transplant patients need to be made aware of skin cancer risk
Any changes in prevalence of autism must be determined
Use of interactive multimedia decision aids : Alternative explanation for results may exist
Use of interactive multimedia decision aids : Discrepancy may exist between GPs and their patients about who is making the decisions
Use of interactive multimedia decision aids : Authors' reply
Public views of UK Population Biomedical Collection are being taken into account
Independent review of Worcester PFI is needed
Variation in rates of oestrogen receptor positivity in breast cancer again
Canadian Medicare needs choice
New method to monitor drugs at dance venues : Perhaps results of testing tablets should be made public
New method to monitor drugs at dance venues : Authors' reply
Widespread body pain and mortality : Theories that psychological states cause cancer should be rejected
Widespread body pain and mortality : Diagnosing fibromyalgia stops doctors from thinking
Evaluation is essential for all types of intervention
Cover picture highlighted what is wrong with approach to managing chronic disease
Emergency departments are well placed to identify alcohol misuse problems
Reducing health risks to British Muslim pilgrims
Hand-arm vibration syndrome may be associated with prolonged use of vibrating computer games
Kenneth Buxton
Forest William Fyfe
John Bowden Garland
Eric Greenwood Jenner
Saw Taik Leong
James McArthur
Paul Bernard Gregory McKee
Jacob Solomon (“Jack”) Norell
John Graham Pegg
David Corbett Tomlins
Barbara Stalker Watt (née Thomson)
Errors, Medicine and the Law
Ecosystem Change and Public Health: A Global Perspective
A Few Months to Live: Different Paths to Life's End
Physician's Guide to End-of-Life Care
The Human Face of Medicine
Coming up roses
Cognitive behaviour therapy
Cancer isn't the only malignant disease
Ancient resentments