The misdiagnosis of epilepsy : The rate of misdiagnosis and wide treatment choices are arguments for specialist care of epilepsy
Surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy : Highly effective but remains underused
The discomfort of patient power : Medical authorities will have to learn to live with “irrational” decisions by the public
Randomised controlled trials for homoeopathy : Who wants to know the results?
Brain drain and health professionals : A global problem needs global solutions
GPs asked to do more for drug misusers
NHS settles claim of patients treated with LSD
In brief
Blair warns of tax increases to pay for NHS
US encourages flu jabs for infants aged under 2
Embryo cell research should continue, committee says
Watchdog approves embryo selection to treat 3 year old child
Bush moves to tighten security around scientific research
US issues new guidelines as mammography debate continues
First cases of type 2 diabetes found in white UK teenagers
Costs and benefits of a one stop clinic compared with a dedicated breast clinic: randomised controlled trial
Commentary: one stop clinics should not be abandoned
Ethnic differences in invasive management of coronary disease: prospective cohort study of patients undergoing angiography
Eliciting views of patients with head and neck cancer and carers on professionally derived standards for care
Commentary: Patients' involvement in their treatment matters
Cleanliness and godliness
Use of ultramolecular potencies of allergen to treat asthmatic people allergic to house dust mite: double blind randomised controlled clinical trial
What's possible
A comparative case study of two models of a clinical informaticist service
Never say, “never” again
Renal transplantation
My important surgical appliance
Bradycardias and atrioventricular conduction block
The architecture of diagnostic research
A new statue to Pasteur
Performance league tables : League tables are unreasonably simple
Performance league tables : Use of language should be more careful in describing league tables
Performance league tables : Publication of league tables needs to be open and accurate
Performance league tables : Dr Foster's ranking of hospitals in good birth guide is misleading
Performance league tables : NHS is national but not uniform
Effect of patient centredness and positive approach : Airing uncertainty can be positive
Effect of patient centredness and positive approach : Partnership of patient and doctor may provide key to patient satisfaction
Somatisation in primary care : Solitary disclosure allows people to determine their own dose
Somatisation in primary care : Descriptive use of term should not be confused with its conceptualisation
Somatisation in primary care : Author's reply
Deputy editor of Clinical Evidence replies to letter
Quality of Cochrane reviews : Quality of Cochrane reviews is better than that of non-Cochrane reviews
Quality of Cochrane reviews : Another study found that most Cochrane reviews are of a good standard
Reye's syndrome revisited : Outdated concept of Reye's syndrome was used
Reye's syndrome revisited : Authors' reply
Demand for prostate specific antigen testing in primary care : Screening through back passage as well as back door?
Demand for prostate specific antigen testing in primary care : Can the demand for PSA testing in primary care be managed?
Despite author's opinion, radiology guideline was correct
Dishonest doctors should not continue to practise
Clinical medication review by pharmacists would improve care
Dementia is being avoided in NHS and social care
Donald William Gould
James Robert Clark
Edward Beresford Davies
Margaret Joan Fingland (née Croall)
Ann Annam Herrick (née Ponnudarai)
Michael Gerard McEntegart
Harry Stafford Morton
Rani Rajasekaran
John Baynes Searle
William Simpson
Frances Sorrell
The curious adoption of John Q
A doctor's guide to Dr Foster
Nosing around
Prosecution or persecution?
Bad smells are good