Shame: the elephant in the room : Managing shame is important for improving health care
Declining altruism in medicine : Understanding medical altruism is important in workforce planning
Epidemic of cardiovascular disease in South Asians : Prevention must start in childhood
Time to abandon the “tendinitis” myth : Painful, overuse tendon conditions have a non-inflammatory pathology
Deprofessionalising doctors? : The independence of the British medical profession is under unprecedented attack
Woman makes legal history in right to die case
In brief
Public less worried about MMR vaccine than many other issues
Improved anthrax vaccine is needed, claims report
Children at risk after sperm donor develops late onset genetic disease
Patients with emergency brain disorders are denied specialist care
Assisted reproduction increases risk of birth defects, study says
Woman may face death penalty in postnatal depression case
Early evidence of ethnic differences in cardiovascular risk: cross sectional comparison of British South Asian and white children
Scottish doctors' esteem
Qualitative study of evidence based leaflets in maternity care
Use of evidence based leaflets to promote informed choice in maternity care: randomised controlled trial in everyday practice
Trends in demand for emergency ambulance services in Wiltshire over nine years: observational study
Biological warfare and bioterrorism
Children of war: the real casualties of the Afghan conflict
After Bristol: putting patients at the centre
Commentary: Patient centred care: timely, but is it practical?
Cost effectiveness of continuing professional development in health care: a critical review of the evidence
New life
Recent developments in neurology
Abdominal pain in acute infectious mononucleosis
A strange case of familial atopy
Junctional tachycardias
Strike of American army nurses
What action should be taken to prevent spread of vancomycin resistant enterococci in European hospitals?
Designing studies to ensure that estimates of test accuracy are transferable
A tale of two blisters
The “redisorganisation” of the NHS : Is mass dysmorphophobia a better term?
The “redisorganisation” of the NHS : Radical changes can be made only if the basic environment is stable
The “redisorganisation” of the NHS : Doctors must have more managerial training
The “redisorganisation” of the NHS : GPs' dissatisfaction with NHS plan is worse than editorial suggests
The “redisorganisation” of the NHS : Doctors working in public health have extra worries in latest reorganisation
Effectiveness of guidelines on persistent glue ear in children : Authors' estimates of size of impact are probably excessive
Effectiveness of guidelines on persistent glue ear in children : Effect claimed may depend on how persistent glue ear is defined
Effectiveness of guidelines on persistent glue ear in children : Guidelines in Australia were less effective than guidelines in England
Why general practitioners do not implement evidence : Evidence seems to change frequently
Why general practitioners do not implement evidence : Learning environments must be created that capitalise on teams' wealth of knowledge
Adult obesity and growth in childhood : Fuel mediated teratogenesis driven by maternal obesity may be responsible for pandemic of obesity
Adult obesity and growth in childhood : Obstetricians seem reluctant to consider interventions to reduce mean birth weight
Adult obesity and growth in childhood : Association of birth weight with adult weight is confounded by maternal body mass index
Adult obesity and growth in childhood : Mothers tend to pass their dietary habits on to their children
Adult obesity and growth in childhood : Factors that programme resistance to obesity must be identified
Implications of childhood obesity for adult health : Message on childhood obesity was missed
Implications of childhood obesity for adult health : Authors' reply
Combining high quality clinical and interpersonal care
Social deprivation affects outcome of nocturnal enuresis
Breast screening seems driven by belief rather than evidence
Price of interferon beta is similar in UK and Australia
Data on take home naloxone are unclear but not condemnatory
Venous ulcers may be associated with gravitational eczema
Violence may be serious in men with body dysmorphic disorder
Chinese medicines for slimming still cause health problems
Pharmaceutical packaging can induce confusion
Roy Porter
Isidore Ash
Sydney Brandon
Harry Leslie Leaming
Raymond Keith Mason
William Neville
Jacob (“Jack”) Shafar
Margaret Leslie Stephen (née Macalister)
Donald William Gould
Every Family in the Land: Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination against People with Mental Illness
The Health of Nations: Infectious Disease, Environmental Change, and Their Effects on National Security and Development
Evaluating International Humanitarian Action: Reflections from Practitioners
Do we hear our patients? And would a patient's page help?
Medical history
Letters to patients: sending the right message
The skier's tale