Initial antiretroviral regimens
The long case versus objective structured clinical examinations
Falling neonatal autopsy rates
Protein conjugate pneumococcal vaccines
Global nursing shortages
“Unlawfully treated” woman to move to new unit
Pfizer gets a public dressing down over promoting unlicensed drugs
In brief
Transplants from live patients scrutinised after donor's death
BMA negotiator calls for more male medical students
Cancer money siphoned off to pay debts
New test simplifies genetic testing for breast cancer
Healthcare costs hit older Americans
Paediatricians meet to tackle child abuse in former Soviet bloc
Systematic review and meta-analysis of evidence for increasing numbers of drugs in antiretroviral combination therapy
Ugly editor needed
Ten years of neonatal autopsies in tertiary referral centre: retrospective study
Synergism between allergens and viruses and risk of hospital admission with asthma: case-control study
Circadian pattern in occurrence of renal colic in an emergency department: analysis of patients' notes
Randomised controlled trial of short bursts of a potent topical corticosteroid versus prolonged use of a mild preparation for children with mild or moderate atopic eczema
Quacks in Germany
Autologous transfusion
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Broad complex tachycardia—Part II
Simple intervention to improve detection of child abuse in emergency departments
Recertification of doctors in 931
Rational, cost effective use of investigations in clinical practice
Truth so bitter
Redefining leadership
Redefining leadership
Bullying in medicine
Bullying in medicine
Bullying in medicine
Bullying in medicine
Violence in the workplace
Violence in the workplace
Violence in the workplace
Language of self harm is somatic and needs to be learnt
Statins as the new aspirin
Statins as the new aspirin
Case of cholestatic hepatitis with celecoxib did not fulfil international criteria
Mini-cholecystectomy is often used in gallbladder surgery
Several databases give free access now
Medline and PubMed will be able to synthesise clinical data
Vitamin A programme in Assam probably caused hysteria
Full time forensic pathology service
Full time forensic pathology service
Same shortcomings of NHS have existed for years
Therapeutics needs to be better taught
John Meyer Eisenberg
Robert Brown
Donald Burrell
Henry Caplin
David Thompson Irwin
Kathleen Mary McPhillips (née Casey)
Manjit (“Jim”) Shahi
Eric James Strachan
Surgery of the Soul: Reflections on a Curious Career
Bent not Broken
Encyclopedia of Birth Control
Children of donor insemination
How it feels to be a child of donor insemination
Lawyers are from Mars, doctors are from Venus