Gold for the NHS : Good news that raises questions on consistency and sustainability
Managing differentiated thyroid cancer : Better management can improve survival in this curable cancer
Lithium in bipolar mood disorder : Evidence suggests that lithium should still be first choice for prophylactic treatment
Confronting the small arms pandemic : Unrestricted access should be viewed as a public health disaster
Health care and the European Union : Profound but uncertain consequences for national health systems
NHS to receive an extra £40bn over next five years
GPs get a new contract “to transform their lives”
Male circumcision linked to lower rates of cervical cancer
In brief
Amnesty team claims to have found human rights abuses in Jenin
Anoraks can damage your health, study shows
Court rules that emergency contraception is lawful
New treatment improves symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Wanless report outlines “Rolls- Royce” health service for 2022
Randomised trial of endoscopy with testing for Helicobacter pylori compared with non-invasive H pylori testing alone in the management of dyspepsia
ABC of clinical electrocardiography: Atrial arrhythmias
Protein conjugate pneumococcal vaccines
A qualitative study of action plans for asthma
Decision making processes in people with symptoms of acute myocardial infarction: qualitative study
Prospective audit of records of deceased patients received in hospital mortuary
Unexplained differences in sex ratios at birth in Europe and North America
Request for advice
Treating Helicobacter pylori infection in primary care patients with uninvestigated dyspepsia: the Canadian adult dyspepsia empiric treatment—Helicobacter pylori positive (CADET-Hp) randomised controlled trial
Quitting and restarting smoking: cohort study of patients with angina in primary care
Dishing the dirt
Myocardial ischaemia
Health policy in the European Union: how it's made and how to influence it
Never apologise
Clinical screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip in Northern Ireland
Global voices on HIV/AIDS : Unfairness of social and economic structures affect AIDS in Africa
Global voices on HIV/AIDS : We all have AIDS
Global voices on HIV/AIDS : Pasteurised human breast milk should be considered
Global voices on HIV/AIDS : Heterosexual transmission of HIV in Africa is no higher than anywhere else
Global voices on HIV/AIDS : Important facts about global fund were missed
Cancer isn't the only malignant disease : Palliative care can be useful in cardiovascular disease
Cancer isn't the only malignant disease : Competent, compassionate terminal care should be given to everyone
Cancer isn't the only malignant disease : Terminal care should be discussed well in advance
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : Cautious approach is needed
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : Paper proves power of statistics, not prayer
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : “You cannae break the laws of physics, Captain”
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : Hope should never be squashed by being told that things cannot happen
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : All randomised controlled trials require informed consent
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : Competing interests on religious conviction or spirituality may be important
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : Correspondents showed misapprehension of principle
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : Outcome of this experiment offers little comfort
Effect of retroactive intercessory prayer : Author's reply
Careless talk may cost lives in attributing adverse events to ADP receptor antagonists
Proper benchmark for drug prescribing needs to be found
Serum magnesium must also be known in profound hypokalaemia
Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay : American doctors can be trusted not to practise torture
Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay : Lice get everywhere
Tour operators should tell clients about potential risks of adventure holidays
Kenneth David MacRae : An iconoclastic clear thinker in epidemiology and medical research
John Hutley Breed
Charles Alexander Brown
Edward Brownrigg
Douglas Alton Chandler
William Logan Jack
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Edwin Ian Richardson
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