Emergency vascular surgery : Patients need to travel for specialist treatment
Improving the response rates to questionnaires : Several common sense strategies are effective
Implications of the EU directive on clinical trials for emergency medicine : Many trials in emergency medicine will not be possible
Selection of medical students : Affirmative action goes beyond the selection process
Twenty thousand conversations : Rapid responses suggest new models of knowledge creation
MPs call for more publicly funded capital projects in the NHS
Life expectancy is consistently underestimated, say researchers
In brief
Muslim patients suffer as Hindu doctors fear for their safety
Trusts cancel 10% of operating theatre sessions
Patients with small abdominal aortic aneurysms should “wait and see”
Trial shows azithromycin is no better than vitamin C for bronchitis
Trust chiefs cause flood of serious cases to GMC
PFI is here to stay
Improving teenagers' knowledge of emergency contraception: cluster randomised controlled trial of a teacher led intervention
Increasing response rates to postal questionnaires: systematic review
This Week in the BMJ
Canada sees a bigger role for private companies in health care
Increasing use of the emergency department in a Swiss hospital: observational study based on measures of the severity of cases
Prescribing incentive schemes in two NHS regions: cross sectional survey
Commentary: Prescribing incentive schemes—more evidence is needed of how they work
Retrospective study of mortality after a water pollution incident at Lowermoor in north Cornwall
Saving time?
Impaired glucose tolerance: qualitative and quantitative study of general practitioners' knowledge and perceptions
Aphorisms for old age
Patient non-compliance with paper diaries
Improving the use of clinical databases
Cat scratch disease
Edward Jenner
Conditions affecting the right side of the heart
Private finance and “value for money” in NHS hospitals: a policy in search of a rationale?
Consent, confidentiality, and the threat to public health surveillance
Commentary: Don't waive consent lightly—involve the public
A Tudor husband's instruction to his pregnant wife
Discomfort of patient power : Patients are not doctors' equals
Discomfort of patient power : Power sharing is not a takeover bid
Discomfort of patient power : Are choices irrational or doctors and patients misinformed?
Discomfort of patient power : Personal choice yes, but not at others' cost
Questions for Dr Foster
Medical emergency teams and cardiac arrests in hospital : Results may have been due to education of ward staff
Medical emergency teams and cardiac arrests in hospital : Bottom up approach works too
Medical emergency teams and cardiac arrests in hospital : Authors' reply
Was it a heart attack? : Troponin measurement is not straightforward
Was it a heart attack? : Variations in access to and interpretation of troponin assays are wide
New score is needed to predict risk of coronary heart disease
Using real patients in professional medical exams : Suggestions would make examinations with real patients impractical
Using real patients in professional medical exams : Some patients use professional examinations to get second opinions
Recombinant human parathyroid hormone : Preclinical data on rat osteosarcoma were not dismissed
Recombinant human parathyroid hormone : Author's reply
Misdiagnosis of epilepsy : Epilepsy care is deficient for both patients and doctors
Misdiagnosis of epilepsy : Misdiagnosis occurs particularly in children
10-minute consultation: Rhinitis : Referral to specialist otolaryngologist may be advisable
10-minute consultation: Rhinitis : Article is unhelpful
Experience based treatment of head lice
John Montague Graham
Nigel Holmes
Keith Willerby Lovel
Geoffrey Cheadle Myddelton
John Hubert Shelswell
Ellis Baker
Outsider Art
I Am Sam
Health Care in Central Asia
Private Eye Special Report on MMR
Eye sites
Occupied Territories: entry denied
The test