Postpartum urinary incontinence : The problem is clear, but there is no simple solution
Panayiotopoulos syndrome : A common benign but underdiagnosed and unexplored early childhood seizure syndrome
Regulating cosmetic surgery : Members of the public would be better protected if they consulted their general practitioners first
Using telephones in primary care : A significant proportion of consultations might take place by phone
Health care for older people : Scottish report has international relevance
Government should outlaw theft of DNA, commission says
Sex selection in China sees 117 boys born for every 100 girls
In brief
Australia turns to drug company representatives to cut prescribing
Doctor sues company over unethical marketing
NHS is not ready for a 48 hour working week
Government proposes licensing system for doctors
“Shortcomings in care” to blame for avoidable epilepsy deaths
Teenage suicides double as the future crumbles
Entente not so cordiale
How whistleblowing cost one doctor £550000
Promoting urinary continence in women after delivery: randomised controlled trial
Assessing the outcome of compulsory psychiatric treatment in the community: epidemiological study in Western Australia
Psychological stress and cardiovascular disease: empirical demonstration of bias in a prospective observational study of Scottish men
Commentary: Psychosocial factors and health—strengthening the evidence base
Prevalence of morbidity associated with abortion before and after legalisation in South Africa
Metabolic decompensation in pump users due to lispro insulin precipitation
General practice based intervention to prevent repeat episodes of deliberate self harm: cluster randomised controlled trial
Commentary: Clinical guidelines have limitations
Management of genital prolapse
A warning
Helicobacter pylori breath tests
Conditions affecting the left side of the heart
The passing of the beard
Child soldiers: understanding the context
Peer review of statistics in medical research: the other problem
Only external things
The fresh new contract for general practitioners : BMJ should give equal space to opposing views of new contract
The fresh new contract for general practitioners : One principal buys a new car to celebrate
The fresh new contract for general practitioners : New contract has many failings
The fresh new contract for general practitioners : General practitioners are in impossible position
The fresh new contract for general practitioners : New contract is con trick
The fresh new contract for general practitioners : New contract will make rural general practitioners' lives even harder
The fresh new contract for general practitioners : Contract proposals are fatally flawed
Academic medicine : Academic medicine is still hospital based
Academic medicine : Clinical academic recruitment begins in clinical departments
Academic medicine : Academy of Medical Sciences responds
Globalisation and health : Those concerned with health must continue to challenge power
Globalisation and health : Policies must be used to address disadvantages and inequalities
Treating seasonal allergic rhinitis : Well designed experiments should have been used
Treating seasonal allergic rhinitis : Trial does not show that there is no difference between butterbur and cetirizine
Treating seasonal allergic rhinitis : Author's reply
Hyperprolactinaemia caused by antipsychotic drugs : Endocrine antipsychotic side effects must be systematically assessed
Hyperprolactinaemia caused by antipsychotic drugs : Physical complications of mental illness must be remembered
Consumption of seafood and preterm delivery : Encouraging pregnant women to eat fish did not show effect
Consumption of seafood and preterm delivery : Method of cooking should be named
Grading referrals to specialist breast unit may be ineffective
Manuel Velasco-Suarez
Marie Bridgid Comer
Niall Cox
Brian Eddleston
Christopher Vincent Everard
Kemble Greenwood
Wilfrid Hocking Parry
Mary Frances Savory
Mary Margaret Skillen
Paul Warren
Michael Peter Wright
Theater of Disorder: Patients, Doctors, and the Construction of Illness
Medicine Matters After All: Measuring the Benefits of Medical Care, a Healthy Lifestyle, and a Just Social Environment
Camera Obscura
Peer review
Chronic fatigue syndrome guidelines spark media row
Breaking bad news
I'm a believer