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Adoption by lesbian couples
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Our favourite drug
Lack of progress at summit spells disaster for poor countries
Negligence settlements in England increase sevenfold in five years
In brief
Gene responsible for most malignant melanomas is discovered
Doctors in India and Pakistan campaign against nuclear war
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NICE guidance “a real victory” for people with schizophrenia
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Changing hearts and minds
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Useless again
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US report calls for tighter controls on complementary medicine
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The physician's objectives
Unhappy doctors
Unhappy doctors
Unhappy doctors
Unhappy doctors
Unhappy doctors
Nurses need more resources to do their job
BMA negotiator calls for more male medical students
BMA negotiator calls for more male medical students
Access to invasive procedures can be audited by ethnic group
Hip protectors
Hip protectors
Hip protectors
Hip protectors
Cardiothoracic surgeons do a good job
Informaticist services for policymakers will differ from those studied
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