Prostate specific antigen testing for prostate cancer : Engaging with the public may address their concerns and produce workable solutions
Treating violence as a public health problem : The approach has advantages but diminishes the human rights perspective
Bioweapons : Usable weapons are technically easier to produce now, but we lack legal protection against them
Population strategies to prevent obesity : Only few studies attempted so far and with limited success
Decision time on consultants' contract : New contract is crucial to meeting NHS targets
WHO report shows public health impact of violence
In brief
Unicef sets up programme to prevent sex abuse by aid workers
Colombian doctors are killed as their neutrality is ignored
Safeguards needed now to prevent unethical genetic selection in future
Cheerful children die younger than gloomy classmates, says study
Preventive surgery can cut risk of breast cancer by 90%
Unmasking the secret of life
Why men with prostate cancer want wider access to prostate specific antigen testing: qualitative study
Natural experiment examining impact of aggressive screening and treatment on prostate cancer mortality in two fixed cohorts from Seattle area and Connecticut
Back, neck, and shoulder pain in Finnish adolescents: national cross sectional surveys
Training in flexible, intensive insulin management to enable dietary freedom in people with type 1 diabetes: dose adjustment for normal eating (DAFNE) randomised controlled trial
Association between psychological symptoms in adults and growth in early life: longitudinal follow up study
Home based exercise programme for knee pain and knee osteoarthritis: randomised controlled trial
The SCOFF questionnaire and clinical interview for eating disorders in general practice: comparative study
Resource implications and health benefits of primary prevention strategies for cardiovascular disease in people aged 30 to 74: mathematical modelling study
Submitting articles to the BMJ
Management of overweight and obese adults
An overview of antithrombotic therapy
Improving design and conduct of randomised trials by embedding them in qualitative research: ProtecT (prostate testing for cancer and treatment) study
Commentary: presenting unbiased information to patients can be difficult
“Can I go on holiday, Doc?”
Deaf lesbians, “designer disability,” and the future of medicine
Cancer biology may be more important than diagnostic delay
What is newsworthy? : Bad news from research really is headline news
What is newsworthy? : Frenzy to feed the media can be bad for patients
Tough targets are necessary in effective diabetes care
Don't forget syphilis : Syphilis outbreak is twice as big as reported
Don't forget syphilis : Access to services for genitourinary medicine needs to be made easier
US Food and Drug Administration gets it right
Education on prescribing can be improved
Development of BNF for handheld devices is taking time
Reducing unintended pregnancy among adolescents : Authors did not give balanced interpretation of their findings
Reducing unintended pregnancy among adolescents : Changes in social, economic, and educational policy need to be taken into account
Wall between neurology and psychiatry : Neuropsychiatry is alive and well
Wall between neurology and psychiatry : Some parts of the wall are thicker than others
Wall between neurology and psychiatry : Integration of mind and brain creates biopsychological understanding in psychiatry
Domestic violence affects women more than men
Don't presume about experienced adult learners in medicine
Agnes Helen Neilson Mellanby
Chief Josiah Onyebuchi Johnson Okezie
Alan Horace Rowson
John Samuel George Peter Stableford
Patrick Michael Ellis Youngman
Demon Doctors: Physicians as Serial Killers
The epidemic that never was
An insight into eating disorders
First do no harm: does the Hippocratic Oath extend to developing countries?
Quite a good camp