Take back your mink, take back your pearls : Rejection of the consultant contract starts a new era
Treatments for sleep problems in elderly people : Cognitive behavioural therapy is useful, but its benefits seem to be short lived
Primary prevention of sudden cardiac death using implantable cardioverter defibrillators : More patients need to be screened and treated
Bisphosphonates as adjuvant treatment for breast cancer : Their effects are unclear, and long term trials are needed
Milburn refuses to renegotiate consultants' contract
Doctors open talks with Scottish Executive after voting “yes”
In brief
Heart failure falling in women but not in men
Police find no evidence of forgery by accused paediatricians
US doctors and public disagree over mandatory reporting of errors
Inquiry into handling of CJD alert welcomed
White couple can keep mixed race twins after IVF blunder
Patients are more satisfied with care from doctors of same race
EU clamps down on reimportation of cheap drugs meant for Africa
BMA steps up call for ban on smoking in public places
Effect of zinc supplementation started during diarrhoea on morbidity and mortality in Bangladeshi children: community randomised trial
Science commentary: What does zinc do?
Cross sectional, community based study of care of newborn infants in Nepal
Influence of psychological coping on survival and recurrence in people with cancer: systematic review
Only Ten Commandments
Cardiac arrest and ventricular arrhythmia in patients taking antipsychotic drugs: cohort study using administrative data
Less than a hair's breadth away
Oral anticoagulation and risk of death: a medical record linkage study
A crucial examination
Mortality in adults aged 26-54 years related to socioeconomic conditions in childhood and adulthood: post war birth cohort study
Submitting articles to the BMJ
Observational study of 353 applications to London multicentre research ethics committee 1997–2000
Systematic review of mental health interventions for patients with common somatic symptoms: can research evidence from secondary care be extrapolated to primary care?
Forever young
Why general practitioners use computers and hospital doctors do not—Part 1: incentives
UK senior doctors' career destinations, job satisfaction, and future intentions: questionnaire survey
Dietary aflatoxin exposure and impaired growth in young children from Benin and Togo: cross sectional study
Mental health campaigners cancel march because of fears of backlash
Why general practitioners use computers and hospital doctors do not—Part 2: scalability
Persian advice
Hotspots in climate change and human health
The final temptation
Haemophilus influenzae type b epiglottitis as a cause of acute upper airways obstruction in children
Antithrombotic therapy in peripheral vascular disease
Strangers in the night
Effects of war: moral knowledge, revenge, reconciliation, and medicalised concepts of “recovery”
Have the latest reforms reversed WHO's decline?
Family history
Suturing v conservative management of hand lacerations : All lacerations need to be examined thoroughly
Suturing v conservative management of hand lacerations : Hand lacerations should be explored before conservative treatment
Suturing v conservative management of hand lacerations : Incisions are not lacerations
Suturing v conservative management of hand lacerations : Authors' reply
Risk factor thresholds : Threshold is £37 000 per QALY
Risk factor thresholds : Hypothesis is dangerous nonsense
Risk factor thresholds : Pharmacological treatment should not be determined by age alone
Risk factor thresholds : Authors' reply
Most patients depressed by cancer do not need drugs
Management of infertility: one stop clinic may offer solution
Collaboration is key to preventing syphilis
Are inactivation procedures for blood products good or bad?
Weber's test demystified : Physics renders Weber's test not so mysterious . . .
Weber's test demystified : . . . and a collaborative group of otorhinolaryngologists reports its findings
James Ivory
Malcolm Downie McLean
John Douglas Rodger
Michael Edwin Rope
John Stevenson
Eileen Mary Whapham
28 Days Later
Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine
The consultant contract
Coping with cancer
Families need more information about postmortem examinations
Strategic, at a pan-Auchendreich level