Breast self examination
Using clinical databases in practice
Reporting diagnostic tests
Contraindications to the use of metformin
Evidence based policy making
Diuretics are as effective as ACE inhibitors and channel blockers
In brief
Family finds hospital willing to give experimental CJD treatment
GP contract delayed, but negotiations continue
US blocks deal on cheap drugs
Urologist recommends daily Viagra to prevent impotence
Fertilisation authority to challenge High Court tissue ruling
New designs for familiar objects
No shrinking violet
Analgesic effect of breast feeding in term neonates: randomised controlled trial
Sexual behaviour of adolescents in Nigeria: cross sectional survey of secondary school students
Managing acute renal colic across the primary-secondary care interface: a pathway of care based on evidence and consensus
Letters: summary of responses
Parental diabetes and birth weight of offspring: intergenerational cohort study
Incidence of coronary heart disease in a health authority in London: review of a community register
Syncope, driving recommendations, and clinical reality: survey of patients
National survey of job satisfaction and retirement intentions among general practitioners in England
How to evaluate and improve the quality and credibility of an outcomes database: validation and feedback study on the UK Cardiac Surgery Experience
A web-based system for individualised survival estimation in breast cancer
Care of the dying patient: the last hours or days of life
Commentary: a “good death” is possible in the NHS
Danger of salt substitutes that contain potassium in patients with renal failure
A lesson in prescribing
Antithrombotic therapy in special circumstances. I—pregnancy and cancer
Ether drinking in Russia
Towards complete and accurate reporting of studies of diagnostic accuracy: the STARD initiative
Art and nature
The making of a disease: female sexual dysfunction
Trainees' attitudes to shift work depend on grade and specialty
Delayed discharge and hospital congestion
Delayed discharge and hospital congestion
Emergency pyramid is inverting already
Managing acute appendicitis
Managing acute appendicitis
Preventing and treating eclamptic seizures
Preventing and treating eclamptic seizures
Alcohol handrubs v soap
Alcohol handrubs v soap
Outdated drugs may be useful
Sustaining medical education is difficult in poor countries
Alosetron for irritable bowel syndrome
Alosetron for irritable bowel syndrome
Preventing stroke with ramipril—authors' reply
More travel advice and fewer vaccinations are needed
Screening populations at low risk carries high risks
Embryo selection for complex traits is impracticable
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Narrative-based Primary Care: A Practical Guide
Oxford Handbook of General Practice
Medicine and Art
Cold Wars: The Fight against the Common Cold
Lessons from the HRT story
The inside story on prison health care
Count your blessings