Drug treatment of hypertension : Most patients will need a treatment cocktail—including a thiazide diuretic
Intimate examinations and other ethical challenges in medical education : Medical schools should develop effective guidelines and implement them
New edicts for letters to the editor : Be electronic, bold, and concise—no more than 300 words
Testing new pharmaceutical products in children : A positive step, but ethical concerns remain
Racism and health : Antiracism is an important health issue
What is a good death?
US doctor warns of misuse of prescribed stimulants
Drug companies defend rewards to doctors for switching treatments
In brief
Animal rights activist is removed from government committee
More doctors is not the answer to the EU Working Time Directive
Cigarette possession becomes illegal for Novia Scotia's under 19s
Over half of costs related to lung cancer is due to smoking, says US study
Being “tired of life” is not grounds for euthanasia
UK improves cancer control
Multifactorial intervention after a fall in older people with cognitive impairment and dementia presenting to the accident and emergency department: randomised controlled trial
Making progress with competing interests
Faltering steps towards partnerships
Effect on hip fractures of increased use of hip protectors in nursing homes: cluster randomised controlled trial
Lord Balfour and vaccination
Acknowledgement of “no fault” medical injury: review of patients' hospital records in New Zealand
Review of deaths related to taking ecstasy, England and Wales, 1997-2000
Recent changes in lung cancer incidence for south Asians: a population based register study
Platelet responsiveness to aspirin in patients with hyperlipidaemia
A necessity
Secondary prevention clinics for coronary heart disease: four year follow up of a randomised controlled trial in primary care
Was it something you ate?
Skin scarring
Using brown snakes to organise patient-free days
Antithrombotic therapy in special circumstances. II—In children, thrombophilia, and miscellaneous conditions
The ethics of intimate examinations—teaching tomorrow's doctors
Commentary: Respecting the patient's integrity is the key
Commentary: Teaching pelvic examination—putting the patient first
The first of the fortunate
Preventing obesity : Prevention starts in infancy
Preventing obesity : Hidden sugars in foods undermine strategies to reduce obesity and diabetes
Preventing obesity : Doctors underestimate obesity
Patient centred approach may help in hypertension
The exiled tribe: don't forget overseas members of the BMA
Involving patients can work in home blood glucose testing
Violence as a public health problem : Combined approach is needed
Violence as a public health problem : Report misses association of violence with pregnancy
Violence as a public health problem : All together now, again
Violence as a public health problem : Inequality fuels terrorism globally
Vaccine induced protection against hepatitis B
Case report showed Muehrcke's nails, not Beau's lines
Referees make journal clubs fun
Cycle of abuse goes on : Remember referral for imaging is referral for an opinion
Cycle of abuse goes on : We are all on the same side
Why are miraculous cures mainly of cancer?
Paul Atkins
Anthony Harrie William Babington
Isobel Porritt Beswick
John Bingham
David Robert Bird
Raymond Dudley Blachford
Heather Elliott
Harold Gilbert
John Clifford Ham
Geoffrey Ian Mair
Elaine Oenone Stewart (née Earengey)
Edgar Leon Udwin
Pure Madness: How Fear Drives the Mental Health System
Please Don't Break My Other Leg! A Guide to Empathising with Patients
Broadcasters block Asian health soap opera
Hit parade
Analogies in medicine
Medical heroes