Monitoring the marketing of infant formula feeds : Manufacturers of breast milk substitutes violate the WHO code—again
Preventing skin cancer : Messages should emphasise the need to cover up and stay out of the sun
Levelling the playing field for regulation of nicotine : Existing laws in Britain offer a promising framework
Doctors and managers : A constructive dialogue has to replace mutual suspicion
Preventing and treating tetanus : The challenge continues in the face of neglect and lack of research
Online polls: results
Lack of new drugs is reaching crisis point, says review
Medicines Control Agency must be more open
In brief
Company launches campaign to “counter”BMJ claims
Environmentalist accused of scientific dishonesty
Government publishes strategy to improve diabetes care
Nigerian immunisation programme sees results
More resources should go into core funding
WHO must help countries deal with non-communicable diseases and mental health
Partnerships with the drug industry would be constructive
Resources should be decentralised to countries
Regions with a high disease burden should be prioritised
Comparing national health systems should continue
WHO must strengthen partnerships at a global level
WHO needs a global health alliance, which should be called the Mandela plan
Monitoring compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes in west Africa: multisite cross sectional survey in Togo and Burkina Faso
Submitting articles to the BMJ
Folate and vitamin B-12 and risk of fatal cardiovascular disease: cohort study from Busselton, Western Australia
Impact of changing diagnostic criteria on incidence, management, and outcome of acute myocardial infarction: retrospective cohort study
Medicine and matrimony
Demographic and Health Surveys: caesarean section rates in sub-Saharan Africa
Effect of fetal sex on labour and delivery: retrospective review
Why do general practitioners prescribe antibiotics for sore throat? Grounded theory interview study
Transferability of principles of evidence based medicine to improve educational quality: systematic review and case study of an online course in primary health care
A case of mistaken identity
Management of the severely malnourished child: perspective from developing countries
Unsuspected haemophilia in children with a single swollen joint
A good physician versus no physician
Anticoagulation in hospitals and general practice
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Venous thromboembolism: treatment strategies
Distinguishing between salt poisoning and hypernatraemic dehydration in children
Forthcoming BMJ theme issues (provisional dates and titles)
Mobile phone use has not replaced smoking in adolescence
Medical school applications : Pool of potential medical students needs to be enlarged
Medical school applications : Compensating factors do not compensate for poor A level performance
Medical school applications : Applications have increased again for second year running
Medical school applications : Medicine and myth need to be separated
Public access defibrillators : Potential efficacy of public access defibrillation may be underestimated
Public access defibrillators : Defibrillators in public places save lives
Public access defibrillators : Authors' reply
Public access defibrillators : Fire extinguisher model of public access defibrillation is unlikely to prevent many deaths
Public access defibrillators : Data from Cuba
Society of Homeopaths does not advise against vaccination
Consuming alcohol on duty may have adverse consequences
Risk assessment scales poorly predict pressure ulceration
Papua New Guinea needs law and order above all
Free smoke alarms: a fire officer responds
Mastectomy is not always so bad
Theme issue for medics and health informed public : Maybe not such a good idea
Theme issue for medics and health informed public : What the future might hold for the BMJ in 2013
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Poor Health: Social Inequality before and after the Black Report
Medicine's Strangest Cases
Spin doctors soft pedal data on antihypertensives
Childcare for working parents
The second gasoline war and how we can prevent the third
Challenge and change