Sudden acute respiratory syndrome
Doctors, their wellbeing, and their stress
Ethnic and sex bias in discretionary awards
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Connecting doctors, patients, and the evidence
Playing the waiting game as bombs drop on Iraq
In brief
GPs to get more information about earnings under the new contract
TB epidemic is still growing in Africa and in eastern Europe
Increased drug spending is creating funding crisis, report says
Hong Kong virus spreads worldwide
NICE guidelines address social aspect of schizophrenia
Lay campaigners for prostate screening are funded by industry
Report calls for clinical networks to improve babies' survival
Increase in blood glucose concentration during antihypertensive treatment as a predictor of myocardial infarction: population based cohort study
Ethnographic study of incidence and severity of intravenous drug errors
Discrimination in the discretionary points award scheme: comparison of white with non-white consultants and men with women
Leaving mercy to heaven
Cross sectional survey of effectiveness of lipid lowering drugs in reducing serum cholesterol concentration in patients in 17 general practices
Primary care gatekeeping and referrals: effective filter or failed experiment?
Bakker van Eeklo
Internet based consultations to transfer knowledge for patients requiring specialised care: retrospective case review
Multifactorial intervention after a fall in older people with cognitive impairment and dementia presenting to the accident and emergency department: randomised controlled trial
Aspirin could be used to prevent cancer
Combined aspirin and clopidogrel treatment improves outcomes, study finds
Visible signs of illness from the 14th to the 20th century: systematic review of portraits
“I'm sorry for your trouble”
Treating generalised anxiety disorder
Commentary: Putting research into practice
Commentary: A patient's story of living with anxiety
Commentary: Information for patients receiving cognitive therapy
Skill based assessment
A 66 year old woman with a rash
Setting up an outcomes guarantee for pharmaceuticals: new approach to risk sharing in primary care
I would accept even worse
Empowerment of patients—fact or fiction?
Men and older people are less likely to use NHS Direct
Breast self examination
Breast self examination
Readability of British and American medical prose
Readability of British and American medical prose
Readability of British and American medical prose
Ultrasound guided central venous access
Ultrasound guided central venous access
Post-marketing surveillance is needed for off licence use of drugs in children
Use of nimesulide in Indian children must be stopped
Artificially giving nutrition and fluids is not one action
Intensivists are becoming gatekeepers to intensive care
Academic boycott of Israel
Academic boycott of Israel
Academic boycott of Israel
Bureaucracy hinders prompt care
Juan Luis Londoño
Gordon Bell Birnie
Fiona Bradley
Beating Stress in the NHS
When Jesica died
MMR: the onslaught continues
Doctors' wellbeing
Never say die
Bag of bones