Maintaining perioperative normothermia : A simple, safe, and effective way of reducing complications of surgery
Setting global health research priorities : Burden of disease and inherently global health issues should both be considered
Treatment of raised intraocular pressure and prevention of glaucoma : Evidence at last that treatment works
Patient privacy and confidentiality : The debate goes on; the issues are complex, but a consensus is emerging
Bat rabies : All bat handlers should be immunised
Hong Kong and US scientists believe illness is a coronavirus
In brief
World cancer rates set to double by 2020
Sharp decline in UK deaths from bowel cancer predicted
Questions remain over lack of UN role in humanitarian aid in Iraq
Charity calls for the release of its kidnapped worker news roundup
Epstein-Barr virus may increase risk of multiple sclerosis
Genes, genes, genes
Cross sectional study of conventional cervical smear, monolayer cytology, and human papillomavirus DNA testing for cervical cancer screening
Good advice
Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori in patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: systematic review
Evidence based practice
Teaching as therapy: cross sectional and qualitative evaluation of patients' experiences of undergraduate psychiatry teaching in the community
A tribute
Profiling performance in primary care in the United States
The instrument that determined my practice
Treatment of herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia
On writing prescriptions
Treating hepatic hydrothorax
A 66 year old woman with a rash
Work based assessment
Why certain systematic reviews reach uncertain conclusions
How many days have you lost?
Using research to inform quality programmes
The Nestor of medicine
Medical staff need to be aware of major incident planning
Contraindications to use of metformin: Age and creatinine clearance need to be taken into consideration
Contraindications to use of metformin: Metformin may be useful in gestational diabetes
Contraindications to use of metformin: Blanket banning of metformin two days before surgery may not be a good idea
Contraindications to use of metformin: Authors' reply
Increase in resources should lead to reduced waiting times
New structures of governance are needed
Drug treatment of hypertension: Conclusion of editorial is somewhat flawed
Drug treatment of hypertension: Thiazides with your pension?
Identifying malnourished children may not be easy
Skin scarring: new insights may make adjustment easier
“Author pays” as new science publishing model: Several models of scientific publishing are likely
“Author pays” as new science publishing model: Cautious welcome is in order
“Author pays” as new science publishing model: It's time to wake up to the hidden agendas of free journals
“Free” medical publishing venture gets under way : Open access monopoly may threaten smaller journals
“Free” medical publishing venture gets under way : Publishing is getting expensive
Sore throats, why the dilemma?
John Leigh Collis
Marjorie Mary Brearley
Thomas Albert Brown
James Leuchars Crighton
John Ronald Forbes
Walter Gordon
Nicholas Radvanyi
Leslie Frederick William Salmon
William Frederick de Coverly Veale
Ron Mueck: Making Sculpture at the National Gallery
On The Natural History of Destruction
Keeping up appearances
Cervical cancer screening
The reification of numbers: statistics and the distance between self, work, and others
Working together