Vulvovaginal candidiasis : Over the counter treatment doesn't seem to lead to resistance
Liver cancer in low and middle income countries : Prevention should target vaccination, contaminated needles, and aflatoxins
Safety and efficacy of combination vaccines : Combinations reduce distress and are efficacious and safe
Management of bacterial meningitis in adults : Algorithm from the British Infection Society represents current standard of care
No-fault compensation systems : Experience elsewhere suggests it is time for the UK to introduce a pilot scheme
Two strains of the SARS virus sequenced
WHO warns that death rate from SARS could reach 10%
In brief
Health committee questions benefit of foundation hospitals to patients
Food watchdog warns against high doses of vitamins and minerals
Complementary medicines industry in crisis after recall of 1546 products
New guidance on ECT looks set to curb its use
Lundbeck broke advertising rules
WHO to create international human resources database on health care
BMJ family highlights : What's new this month in BMJ Journals
Co-proxamol and suicide: a study of national mortality statistics and local non-fatal self poisonings
Association between antidepressant prescribing and suicide in Australia, 1991-2000: trend analysis
Preregistration house officers' views on whether their experience at medical school prepared them well for their jobs: national questionnaire survey
Prospective randomised controlled trial of laparoscopic versus open inguinal hernia mesh repair: five year follow up
Submitting articles to the BMJ
Efficacy and tolerability of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors compared with tricyclic antidepressants in depression treated in primary care: systematic review and meta-analysis
The evil effects of the corset
Adverse drug event
Preregistration house officers in general practice: review of evidence
Delivery from evil
Diabetic retinopathy
Commentary: Treatment of diabetic retinopathy
Zosteriform metastasis from melanoma
The value of communication
Pathophysiology and investigation of coronary artery disease
Giving citizens a voice in healthcare policy in Canada
A 42 year old man with acute chest pain
Ten ways to improve information technology in the NHS : Users, not geeks, should design interface
Ten ways to improve information technology in the NHS : Any change in information technology in general practice requires extensive piloting
Ten ways to improve information technology in the NHS : Article states the obvious
Ten ways to improve information technology in the NHS : Current situation in the United Kingdom need not be so
Ten ways to improve information technology in the NHS : Primary care doctors need to become aware of training opportunities
Ten ways to improve information technology in the NHS : Computers in the workplace are of great value
Closing the digital divide : Reality may not be so rosy
Closing the digital divide : Financial and technical obstacles must be eliminated
Folate and risk of cardiovascular disease : Study results were misinterpreted
Folate and risk of cardiovascular disease : Authors' reply
Chronic cough : Article is not consistent with WHO initiative on rhinitis and asthma
Chronic cough : Don't forget pertussis…
Chronic cough : …tuberculosis …
Chronic cough : …and tropical pulmonary eosinophilia
Leishmaniasis also occurs in Mediterranean countries
Medical experts and the criminal courts : Meaningful audit could be difficult to attain
Medical experts and the criminal courts : Clinical forensic medicine needs to become part of the syllabus
Involving community may be way forward post-Shipman
Cleft lip and palate services still need to be improved
Encouraging insensitivity in doctors is not an option
Senior medical staff need to be included in severe asthma
Difficulties in giving fully informed consent
Parents are not homogeneous
Katalin Eva Schopflin : A pioneer in family planning
Thomas Joseph Delaney
Patricia Elizabeth Verdon
Perspectives on Health and Exercise
Textbook of Sports Medicine: Basic Science and Clinical Aspects of Sports Injury and Physical Activity
Patient power?
A parable of procurement
Much doth it profit a subtle doc