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Sun exposure while young may protect against multiple sclerosis
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General practitioners and occupational health professionals
Speak up!
Judges rule that children can sue for wrongful diagnosis of abuse
Report shows health disparities in American Indians and Alaska Natives
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South African government to withdraw antiretrovirals for pregnant mothers
NIH needs to change, says report
Baby milk company fined for advertising direct to consumers
Drug company employee who queried trial wins appeal
Hong Kong under WHO spotlight after flu outbreak
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Medical prescription of heroin to treatment resistant heroin addicts: two randomised controlled trials
Interpregnancy interval and risk of preterm birth and neonatal death: retrospective cohort study
Past exposure to sun, skin phenotype, and risk of multiple sclerosis: case-control study
Rate limiting factors in recruitment of patients to clinical trials in cancer research: descriptive study
Effect of national guidelines on prescription of methadone: analysis of NHS prescription data, England 1990-2001
Ethnic mix
Acute low back pain: systematic review of its prognosis
Outcomes of screening to prevent cancer: analysis of cumulative incidence of cervical abnormality and modelling of cases and deaths prevented
Age related macular degeneration: Smoking entails major risk of blindness
Socioeconomic and ethnic group differences in self reported health status and use of health services by children and young people in England: cross sectional study
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Tennis elbow
Treatment of tennis elbow: the evidence
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Images of the good doctor in Western medicine: the doctor-patient relationship (part 2)
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Prognosis of entanglement could be serious
Dying for drugs : Drug companies should not have to subsidise incompetent governments
Dying for drugs : Drug companies should swear “Hippocratic” oath
Industry funding of patients' support groups : Objectives of patients, clinicians, and industry are similar
Industry funding of patients' support groups : Declaration of competing interests is rare in Italian breast cancer associations
Interests of charities : Arthritis care sets facts straight
Interests of charities : Diabetes UK has long recognised importance of transparency in funding
Telephone consultations are routinely used
On abandoning ties and avoiding nose rings : Medical humour has implications for evidence based medicine...
On abandoning ties and avoiding nose rings : ... but ties may in truth pose danger to clinicians...
On abandoning ties and avoiding nose rings : ... and economic analysis of tie wearing might be interesting
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