Use of NSAIDs in pregnancy increases risk of miscarriage
Ultrasonic guidance improves success of catheter placement
Certified sickness absence accurately indicates health differentials
Doctors know little about radiation exposure
Diagnosis of melanoma is not helped by algorithm and camera
“Are you depressed?” is not sensitive in Britain
Tap water is as good as sterile saline to irrigate simple lacerations
Showing discrimination
Brain injury and heading in soccer
Self reports in research with non-English speakers
Anti-inflammatory drugs and Alzheimer's disease
Treatment of anal fissure
Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis
Cabinet rules that South Africans must be given antiretrovirals
Sudan floods bring threat of disease
In brief
Claims by charity exaggerate dangers of osteoporosis
US army investigates unrelated pneumonia cases in troops in Iraq
New South Wales cracks down on commercial scanning
Hormone treatment increases breast cancer risk, study shows
HRT does not prevent heart disease
German government under attack for anti-smoking advertisements
Officials warn of multiple drug resistance in the community
Ultrasonic locating devices for central venous cannulation: meta-analysis
Sickness absence as a global measure of health: evidence from mortality in the Whitehall II prospective cohort study
Exposure to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during pregnancy and risk of miscarriage: population based cohort study
Doctors' knowledge of radiation exposure: questionnaire study
Is asking patients in palliative care, “Are you depressed?” appropriate? Prospective study
Risk of suicide in twins: 51 year follow up study
A memorable exam
Evaluation of aid to diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions in general practice: controlled trial randomised by practice
England is in a sexual health crisis, MPs say
Asking the right question
High result in prostate specific antigen test
Bulimia nervosa
Putting the research into practice
Information for patients: What happens during cognitive behaviour therapy for bulimia
A patient's story: “My life revolves around food and exercise”
Poor glycaemic control caused by insulin induced lipohypertrophy
Submitting articles to the BMJ
Interventional paediatric cardiology
Appraisal: the catalyst of personal development
How to be healthy without doctors
Predictors of postmenopausal osteoporosis : Study methods and analysis require clarification
Predictors of postmenopausal osteoporosis : Authors' reply
Diagnosing pulmonary embolism in primary care
Loss of tolerance and overdose mortality with detoxification : Results of study need clarification
Loss of tolerance and overdose mortality with detoxification : Deaths have been associated with interventions
Loss of tolerance and overdose mortality with detoxification : Abstinence is a valid choice
Representation of South Asian people in randomised trials : Study results are interesting but not final word
Representation of South Asian people in randomised trials : Lack of good data results in ineffective health policy for South Asians
Representation of South Asian people in randomised trials : Population's ethnic profile should be recorded in all medical data
Representation of South Asian people in randomised trials : Ethnic origin need not be a barrier to participation
Manual therapy is component of physiotherapy
Costs of PFI and PPP have been underestimated
Older patients are eligible for trial of lithium and valproate
Management of acute mesenteric ischaemia : Recommended strategy is misleading
Management of acute mesenteric ischaemia : Author's reply
Essence of being a doctor : Productivity may be key definition
Essence of being a doctor : Go back to basics
Kurt Semm
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Second Opinion: Doctors, Diseases and Decisions in Modern Medicine
A hot flush for Big Pharma
Listen to the patient
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