Advance directives are open to different interpretations
Outreach teams may improve care of critically ill patients
Fewer trials supported by non-commercial funders
Multidrug therapy has reduced death and illness in HIV infected children
Suicide is related to spouse's mental health
Clinical research is dying in the United Kingdom
Oxybutynin is preferred to tolterodine for overactive bladder
Reinvention starts here
Improving clinical research
Practising just medicine in an unjust world
BMJ Publishing Group to launch an international campaign to promote academic medicine
The management of acute mania
Treatment of postnatal depression
Cochrane plans to allay fears over industry influence
Lancet accuses AstraZeneca of sponsoring biased research
In brief
Initiative gets under way to help scientific editors regulate themselves
Industry sponsored studies twice as likely to have positive conclusions about costs
Ratio of girls to boys in India continues to decline
Health secretary demands patients have equal access to cancer drugs
European parliament tries to stamp out trafficking in human organs
Research bodies lobby EU governments over trials legislation
Wellcome Trust gallery opens at British Museum
Florida governor orders reinsertion of feeding tube
Adherence to advance directives in critical care decision making: vignette study
Effect of the critical care outreach team on patient survival to discharge from hospital and readmission to critical care: non-randomised population based study
Descriptive survey of non-commercial randomised controlled trials in the United Kingdom, 1980-2002
Decline in mortality, AIDS, and hospital admissions in perinatally HIV-1 infected children in the United Kingdom and Ireland
Retraction of paper on maternal diabetes
The Ptolemy project: a scalable model for delivering health information in Africa
Helicobacter pylori in gastro-oesophageal reflux disease needs comparator
Secondhand effects of alcohol use among university students: computerised survey
Privacy of patients' information in hospital lifts: observational study
Risk of suicide and spouse's psychiatric illness or suicide: nested case-control study
Submitting articles to the BMJ
Screening older people for impaired vision in primary care: cluster randomised trial
DSM depression and anxiety criteria and severity of symptoms in primary care: cross sectional study
To die
Objective assessment of technical skills in surgery
Hard people
Sweet dreams and sour awakenings
Resuscitating clinical research in the United Kingdom
Understanding sensitivity and specificity with the right side of the brain
A history lesson
Cancer care in the United Kingdom: new solutions are needed
The hygienic reform of female clothing
What is a good death? : A good death follows a good life
What is a good death? : We must learn to live in the light of our mortality
What is a good death? : Death cannot be tamed
What is a good death? : Good death will happen if life was good
What is a good death? : A painless exit is an index of how well you lived your life
What is a good death? : The best death would be while making love
What is a good death? : Humour may be important even at the end
What is a good death? : Grandmother's death was a good example
What is a good death? : Life is all we have
What is a good death? : Good death may be possible in emergency departments
What is a good death? : Pathologists could provide new spaces to say goodbye to the dead
Survival predictions may hasten death
Responding to unexpected events : Maybe skills for this case were missing
Responding to unexpected events : Patients have to be treated as individuals
Issues related to humanities are close to core of science
Everyone has own spirituality
ATAC trial did not report interim results
Respiratory hazards of "nail sculpture"
Tamoxifen is unproved for gynaecomastia
Small risk ratios may have strong public health impact
Non-pharmacological options may have role in postmenopausal osteoporosis
Costs and effectiveness of prehospital thrombolysis need to be clear
Equality for people with disabilities in medicine
Léon Schwartzenberg
Martyn John Bryant
Brian Cummins
Arnold Cecil Houghton
Richard Hefin Trefor Jones
John Francis Skone
Isaac Godfry Watchman
Ruth Eleanor Young
Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians
Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature
What the Industrial Revolution Did for Us: Modern Medicine
Public health doctors "hopeless" at using media
Patients, doctors, and sickness benefit
Diagnosing house officer fatigue