Ranking of health systems varies according to measures used
Women feel unprepared for operative deliveries
Many investigative tests are not evidence based
Adverse pregnancy outcomes are more likely with change in partner
Two questions can help detect depression
Booking system challenges NHS
All age groups benefit from new management of sickle cell disease
Dawn of the diagnostic age
Aspirin protects women at risk of pre-eclampsia without causing bleeding
How many conditions can a GP screen for?
The criminalisation of fatal medical mistakes
Shock in polytrauma
Intensive education for lifestyle change in diabetes
Genomic imprinting as a cause of disease
Fertilisation authority recommends a ban on sex selection
New angiotensin receptor blocker is as effective as ACE inhibitor
In brief
Doctor gave “woeful” evidence
UK and Italy have low MMR uptake
Government faces pressure to tackle obesity
WHO launches initiative to encourage eating fruit and vegetables
Sports expert defends “chocolate for equipment” scheme
French government announces new plans for elderly care
Trial shows no clear benefit from cannabis for patients with MS
Another US healthcare giant is hit by scandal
Measuring the health of nations: analysis of mortality amenable to health care
Women's views on the impact of operative delivery in the second stage of labour: qualitative interview study
Submitting articles to the BMJ
Retrospective analysis of evidence base for tests used in diagnosis and monitoring of disease in respiratory medicine
Effects on pregnancy outcome of changing partner between first two births: prospective population study
Hyperkalaemia and impaired renal function in patients taking spironolactone for congestive heart failure: retrospective study
Increasing hospital admissions for systemic allergic disorders in England: analysis of national admissions data
The responsibility of surgeons and their fees b.c. 2300
Screening for depression in primary care with two verbally asked questions: cross sectional study
Curiouser and curiouser
Booking patients for hospital admissions: evaluation of a pilot programme for day cases
Managing sickle cell disease
Further advances and uses of assisted conception technology
Making consent patient centred
18th International Diabetes Federation Congress, Paris
The annual meeting at Swansea
Communicating risks at the population level: application of population impact numbers
Parathyroid hormone alone is as effective as combination in treating osteoporosis
ABC of subfertility: male subfertility
General practitioners and occupational health professionals
Doctors' knowledge of exposure to ionising radiation : Finding was not surprising
Doctors' knowledge of exposure to ionising radiation : Use of chest radiography as standard comparator is flawed
Doctors' knowledge of exposure to ionising radiation : Just tell them the dose
Doctors' knowledge of exposure to ionising radiation : Ignorance is surprising
Doctors' knowledge of exposure to ionising radiation : Radiation protection should be taught as a priority
Doctors' knowledge of exposure to ionising radiation : Doctors need to be aware of possible radiation injury from fluoroscopy
Doctors' knowledge of exposure to ionising radiation : Doctors' exposure to ionising radiation may be cause for concern
Diagnosing pigmented skin lesions in general practice : Objective assessment of skin lesions is possible
Diagnosing pigmented skin lesions in general practice : Authors' reply
Cumulative effects of soccer heading are not fully known
Risk of suicide in twins : Intelligence of twins and singletons may explain risk
Risk of suicide in twins : No protective effect is needed to explain the findings
Risk of suicide in twins : Suicide has social side
Risk of suicide in twins : Authors' reply
Sex difference in infant mortality in India is reflected in England and Wales
Don't blame religion for poor funerals
Douglas Roy
John Alexander Barlas
Patrick David Blade
John Stanislaus Guinan
Ian Alfred Horton
William Jones Owen
Altaf Hussain Syed
John Frederick Watkins
Nursing as an occupation
The Abuse of Man: An Illustrated History of Dubious Medical Experimentation
Die Krankheitserfinder: Wie wir zu Patienten gemacht werden [Disease Mongers: How we all become Patients],
Pox: Genius, Madness, and the Mysteries of Syphilis
Disseminating science
Medical errors
Caring for the elderly: a cautionary tale
Evidence based vets