Gulf war veterans have poorer health than other soldiers...
... but their cancer risk is the same
Preventive programme reduces suicide in US Air Force
Prophylactic physiotherapy provides no benefit after cardiac surgery
Greater insulin resistance is associated with reduced depression
Pelvic examination can be taught by non-medics
Borage oil doesn't help atopic dermatitis
Consider turning breech presentations at 34-36 weeks
The drugs don't work
The health consequences of the first Gulf war
Evening primrose oil for atopic dermatitis
Treatment options for trigeminal neuralgia
Delayed prescriptions
Monitoring the medical education revolution
GPs' time to be freed up under plans for increased choice
Blakemore asks for the MRC budget to be doubled
In brief
HRT no longer first choice for preventing osteoporosis
Lancet calls for tobacco to be made illegal
Children have been neglected in flu prevention strategy
Huge numbers must change lifestyle to prevent epidemic of diabetes
Adverse events in surgery in Scotland show a steady fall
Better communication is key to recruiting patients to trials
Money must be made available for NICE guidance, minister says
What's new this month in BMJ Journals
Gulf war illness—better, worse, or just the same? A cohort study
American College of Gastroenterology 68th Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course, Baltimore, Maryland
Incidence of cancer among UK Gulf war veterans: cohort study
Reporters and wolves
Risk of suicide and related adverse outcomes after exposure to a suicide prevention programme in the US Air Force: cohort study
Prophylactic respiratory physiotherapy after cardiac surgery: systematic review
Mortality in young offenders: retrospective cohort study
Pre-existing risk factor profiles in users and non-users of hormone replacement therapy: prospective cohort study in Gothenburg, Sweden
Security duties in Northern Ireland and the mental health of soldiers: prospective study
Association of insulin resistance with depression: cross sectional findings from the British women's heart and health study
Pulmonary embolism possibly associated with olanzapine treatment
Efficacy and tolerability of borage oil in adults and children with atopic eczema: randomised, double blind, placebo controlled, parallel group trial
Health of young and elderly informal carers: analysis of UK census data
Can gynaecology teaching associates provide high quality effective training for medical students in the United Kingdom? Comparative study
Paws for thought
What the educators are saying
Treating nicotine addiction
Putting the research into practice
Information for patients: Getting professional help
Rethinking prescribing in the United States
Research with unaccompanied children seeking asylum
Communicating risk : We as doctors are not alone
Communicating risk : Compulsory measures can work
Communicating risk : Patients often have complex understanding of risk
Communicating risk : Journalists take note
Communicating risk : Journalists have responsibility to report risks in context
Communicating risk : Doctor's recommendation is decision making in uncertain conditions
Communicating risk : But does it work, Doctor?
Drug sales in four European countries still differ
Real time assay of Aspergillus should be used in SARS patients receiving corticosteroids
Prognosis for South Asian and white patients with heart failure in the United Kingdom : Counterintuitive findings on heart failure in South Asians may be artefactual
Prognosis for South Asian and white patients with heart failure in the United Kingdom : Deprivation gradient in mortality should not be dismissed as artefactual
Prognosis for South Asian and white patients with heart failure in the United Kingdom : Authors' reply
Adherence to advance directives : GMC's advance directive is commendable
Adherence to advance directives : Quality of life matters
Adherence to advance directives : Maybe doctors do not always know best
Adherence to advance directives : Advance directive needs to include additional elements
Adherence to advance directives : Quality of life may be important in advance directives
Radiographic results are still not routinely reported
Peter Paul Rickham
Charles Arthur St Hill
George Peter Baker
Peter Daish
Sooba Rama Deenadayalu
Frank Edward Stafford Hatfield
George Fraser Purves
Philip Charles (“Charlie”) Smith
Margaret Carroll Watkinson (née Smith)
Hospital Infection: From Miasmas to MRSA
Stories from the Wards
Hear the Silence
Hear the Silence
Angels in America
Who should take care of children with epilepsy?
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