Don't expect too much from Viagra
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Scotland and London have widest health gap
Evidence on standard treatment of hepatic encephalopathy is uncertain
Brief lifestyle interventions do not reduce blood pressure
Patients with unexplained symptoms do not push for treatment
Use a single course of steroids for preterm rupture of membranes
Insights into intimacy
The implications for health of European Union enlargement
Prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infection in infants
Raised cardiac troponins
Data protection, informed consent, and research
NICE advises against caesarean section on demand
Hepatitis C carriers must be found and treated to avert crisis
In brief
US junior doctors found to be ignorant of drug companies' tactics
Cardiovascular disease threatens developing countries
Open surgery better than laparoscopic for repair of inguinal hernia
WHO urges Africa to use more effective malaria medicines
Living wills will have to specify treatments that patient is refusing
Squeezing academic research into a commercial straitjacket
Impact of erectile dysfunction and its subsequent treatment with sildenafil: qualitative study
Growing old
Optimal search strategies for retrieving scientifically strong studies of diagnosis from Medline: analytical survey
Is there a north-south divide in social class inequalities in health in Great Britain? Cross sectional study using data from the 2001 census
Serious communicable diseases
Non-absorbable disaccharides for hepatic encephalopathy: systematic review of randomised trials
The acme of efficiency
Reliability of symptoms to determine use of bone scans to identify bone metastases in lung cancer: prospective study
Trends in prevalence of symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and eczema in 12-14 year olds in the British Isles, 1995-2002: questionnaire survey
Illegible prescriptions
Randomised controlled factorial trial of dietary advice for patients with a single high blood pressure reading in primary care
Do patients with unexplained physical symptoms pressurise general practitioners for somatic treatment? A qualitative study
Views of doctors on clinical correspondence: questionnaire survey and audit of content of letters
Acute cough in children
Managing nocturia
Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy
Why do doctors use treatments that do not work?
This week in the BMJ: Three days of amoxicillin are enough for non-severe pneumonia
Pain in the hip and knee
Genetics, race, ethnicity, and health
Effects of ginkgo extract
Effects of ginkgo extract
Effects of ginkgo extract
Effects of ginkgo extract
The logrank test
Response to radiation incidents and radionuclear threats : Medical treatment should be given only when safe to do so
Response to radiation incidents and radionuclear threats : Other threats may be more serious
Response to radiation incidents and radionuclear threats : Renunciation of nuclear weapons could lessen the threat
Response to radiation incidents and radionuclear threats : Authors' reply
Penetrating ocular trauma from an exploding microwaved egg
Management of anorexia nervosa revisited : Emphasis needs to continue to shift to outpatient care
Management of anorexia nervosa revisited : Drug treatment suggestions are questionable
Management of anorexia nervosa revisited : Author's reply
Aspirin induced asthma : Clinical relevance of finding was not explained
Aspirin induced asthma : Effect size needs to be clarified
Aspirin induced asthma : Authors' reply
E is for equivocal in EBM
Revalidation: swallow hard
Continuing medical education: does “no evidence” trump all?
Aniru Conteh
Edward Anderson
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John Roger Dove
John Henry Friend
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Protecting America's Health: The FDA, Business, and One Hundred Years of Regulation
Mortal Secrets: Truth and Lies in the Age of AIDS
AIDS Africa: Continent in Crisis
“Letting Them Die”: Why HIV/AIDS Prevention Programmes Fail
May 33rd
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