Adverse drug reactions cause too many hospital admissions
Uterine rupture is more likely, but not common, after previous caesarean section
Forceps and vacuum delivery pose the same mortality risk for babies
Does St John's wort interact with conventional drugs?
Results of clinical trials are not generalisable
Do antidepressants reduce suicide?
No long-term benefit shown for bones after HRT
Think harm always
The road to health care
Benefits and harms of drug treatments
New interventional procedures
Pharmacogenetics—expectations and reality
Collecting and sharing information about harms
Assessing the benefit-harm balance at the bedside
UK universities agree protocol for tobacco company funding
Drug for Alzheimer's disease is of little benefit, study shows
In brief
Drug marketing practices come under scrutiny
National Institutes of Health criticised for not preventing conflicts of interest
Doctors' careers are blighted by discrimination, says BMA
More patients could be treated in the UK if associate specialists' skills were recognised
United States brings in new rules to prevent surgical errors
UK parties set out their health stalls in lead-up to next election
Adverse drug reactions as cause of admission to hospital: prospective analysis of 18 820 patients
Systematic review of the incidence and consequences of uterine rupture in women with previous caesarean section
Learning from the world
Operative vaginal delivery and neonatal and infant adverse outcomes: population based retrospective analysis
A museum of security
Interaction of St John's wort with conventional drugs: systematic review of clinical trials
Balancing benefits and harms in health care
Balancing benefits and harms: the example of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Antidepressants and suicide: what is the balance of benefit and harm
A 64 year old woman with knee pain: case outcome
Is evidence based patient choice feasible?
Decision aids in clinical practice
Patients' view
Balancing benefits and harms in public health prevention programmes mandated by governments
silent prevention
Detection, verification, and quantification of adverse drug reactions
Making decisions about benefits and harms of medicines
Open letter to Annette King, Minister of Health, New Zealand
Postmarketing surveillance is needed
Electronic incident reporting and professional monitoring transforms culture
North-south divide in social inequalities in Great Britain : Divide in social class inequalities may exist but is small
North-south divide in social inequalities in Great Britain : Self perceived health is affected by anxiety and self esteem
North-south divide in social inequalities in Great Britain : Health inequalities in Wirral: a living Black report?
North-south divide in social inequalities in Great Britain : Authors' reply
Fighting obesity : Physical activity has major role
Fighting obesity : Programme to fight obesity in primary care already exists
Fighting obesity : Clarification from World Health Organization
Childhood obesity and consumption of fizzy drinks : Diet is not that important in obesity
Childhood obesity and consumption of fizzy drinks : Play outside to reduce childhood obesity
Childhood obesity and consumption of fizzy drinks : Commercial interests have important role
Egil Kristian Tynæs
Nora George (née Zaytoun)
Alan Proctor Grant
Frank Holmes
Terence Joseph Hypher
Cormac McNamara
Robert Kenneth Roddie
David Antony Charles Sharpe
iWITNESS: A Retrospective Photographic Exhibition by Tom Stoddart
Internal Bleeding: The Truth Behind America's Terrifying Epidemic of Medical Mistakes
Doctors' Errors and Mistakes of Medicine: Must Health Care Deteriorate?
Balancing the benefits and harms of care
The good old days