Twins born after assisted conception are not at higher risk of neurological damage
Overseas visitors should have access to free NHS care
Access to medical care does not explain social gradients in heart disease
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Clopidogrel may be associated with acquired haemophilia A
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Topical NSAIDs in osteoarthritis
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Secret US report surfaces on antidepressants in children
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Chief medical officer warns that many blood transfusions are unnecessary
Berlin police investigate murder attempt in laboratory
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Neurological sequelae in twins born after assisted conception: controlled national cohort study
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Dispersal of HIV positive asylum seekers: national survey of UK healthcare providers
Acquired haemophilia A may be associated with clopidogrel
Variations and increase in use of statins across Europe: data from administrative databases
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Infertility among male UK veterans of the 1990-1 Gulf war: reproductive cohort study
Efficacy of topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of osteoarthritis: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
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Abnormal liver function found after an unplanned consultation: case progression
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Eligibility of overseas visitors and people of uncertain residential status for NHS treatment
Blue limbs (the importance of history and examination)
Investigation into GPs with high patient mortality : Monitoring death rates will become increasingly complex
Investigation into GPs with high patient mortality : Situation is even more complicated
Editorial independence at the BMJ : Oversight committee may be crucial step forward...
Editorial independence at the BMJ : ... and could ensure three pronged terms of reference for editor
Editorial independence at the BMJ : Incident at Sri Lankan medical journal may show the way
Guidance has high priority in interventional procedures : Objective evidence needs to be provided
Guidance has high priority in interventional procedures : Author's reply
Scientific articles have hardly changed in 50 years : Plain English and minimal Latin may explain readability of 1950s paper...
Scientific articles have hardly changed in 50 years : ... and “scientific rigour” may be to blame for current dullness...
Scientific articles have hardly changed in 50 years : ...but Asher was asking why medical journals were so dull back then
Japan Tobacco Incorporated has found a new way of promoting tobacco in motor sports
Role of poverty must be emphasised
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