Depression accompanies cognitive decline
Nurses take on cardioversion
Family history increases the risk of incontinence
Epidemiological studies may mislead
Elderly people are at greater risk of suicide
Use of stimulants for ADHD: is it always right?
Comorbidities at life's end need better care
Early vitamin use may increase food allergies
Let's dump impact factors
Lessons from the withdrawal of rofecoxib
The scandal of poor epidemiological research
Self monitoring of blood pressure at home
Primary care trusts
Seriously ill elderly patients are subjected to futile endoscopies
In brief
Patient held informally in hospital had his rights violated
GMC suggests treatment of pathologist might have been too lenient
Baby should be allowed to die, UK court rules
Second drug firm found guilty of “switching” patients to new drugs
Emergency service is closer to four hour target but still lacks consultants
Eight cases of parents convicted of killing their children are referred to commission
Corticosteroids increase short term mortality in patients with head injury
Prescribing of antibiotics and admissions for respiratory tract infections in England
What's new this month in BMJ Journals
Temporal relation between depression and cognitive impairment in old age: prospective population based study
Issues in the reporting of epidemiological studies: a survey of recent practice
Mortality rates and self reported health: database analysis by English local authority area
The detection of early tubercle in the lungs
Familial risk of urinary incontinence in women: population based cross sectional study
First controlled clinical trial?
Introduction of nurse led DC cardioversion service in day surgery unit: prospective audit
No leg to stand on
Recent developments: Suicide in older people
A 35 year old woman with diabetic nephropathy who wants a baby: case outcome
Being good
patient's view
when do we say “no”?
how can experts and novices learn together?
dilemma for patient and clinicians
beyond the evidence
Moving the preterm infant
Use of stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : FOR
Use of stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : AGAINST
Managing comorbidities in patients at the end of life
Classifying kidney problems: can we avoid framing risks as diseases?
Consent to the publication of patient information : Incompetent patients may pose a problem
Consent to the publication of patient information : More on confidentiality and case material
Consent to the publication of patient information : Seeking consent is morally essential
People with intellectual disabilities : Emotional needs of children with intellectual disabilities are unidentified
People with intellectual disabilities : People registered disabled with learning difficulties tend to fall through the net
Feeding tubes in dementia: is there an effective UK strategy?
Liver toxicity and pioglitazone : Data are missing
Liver toxicity and pioglitazone : Author's reply
Best estimates of coronary risk of passive smoking are needed
Salt tax could reduce population's salt intake
The three paradoxes of private medicine : Hypocrisy, shock, and embarrassment were trivialised
The three paradoxes of private medicine : Private medicine stinks
The three paradoxes of private medicine : The golden dustman cometh
The three paradoxes of private medicine : Summary of responses
John E Mack
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