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Home based medication reviews fail to improve outcomes
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More evidence on the risks of passive smoking
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GMC must protect patients says government minister
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US commercial scanning clinics are closing down
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Environmental tobacco smoke and risk of respiratory cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in former smokers and never smokers in the EPIC prospective study
Penis enlargement
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Effectiveness of helmets in skiers and snowboarders: case-control and case crossover study
Strength enough
Mapping choice in the NHS: cross sectional study of routinely collected data
Mortality associated with passive smoking in Hong Kong
Women's experiences of breast and ovarian cancer
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Filler: Q&A
Follow up of people aged 65 and over with a history of emergency admissions: analysis of routine admission data
Anticoagulant treatment during travel
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Filler: Q&A
Does home based medication review keep older people out of hospital? The HOMER randomised controlled trial
Recent developments in vasectomy
Carbamazepine and false positive dexamethasone suppression tests for Cushing's syndrome
Adolescent development
Stinging sensation after a bath
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Filler: Q&A
Submission to multiple journals: a method of reducing time to publication?
Family history of breast cancer
Poverty and mental health
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Save the FDA
Post-marketing surveillance should include effects during pregnancy
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NICE responds to criticism of hypertension guidelines
Aspartame and its effects on health : Independently funded studies have found potential for adverse effects
Aspartame and its effects on health : Readers may prefer balanced and impartial editorials
Aspartame and its effects on health : Approach seems simplistic in electronic responses to editorial
Aspartame and its effects on health : Authors' reply
Another lesson from the Japan Medical Association
Economic evaluation and society's health values : Price and value are different
Economic evaluation and society's health values : View from the other side of the pond
France's “right to die” law : Doctors may not be disinterested parties
France's “right to die” law : Emphasis on changing behaviour makes question more acute
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