Women at risk of pre-eclampsia can be identified in advance...
... and early detection in the community is paramount
Use PPIs in bleeding ulcer
Encouraging the use of folic acid is not enough
Incidence of neural tube defects is stable in Europe
Interpreting composite end points is challenging
Electronic health records reduce office visits
Lipid lowering prevents stroke in patients with or without CHD
One child, one world, and one permit expired
Pre-eclampsia matters
Counting the dead in Iraq
Diabetes, insulin therapy, and colorectal cancer
Has the UK government lost the battle over MMR?
Patients' safety
England's cancer networks in danger of missing targets
FDA wins spoof award for its “collusion” with the drug industry
In brief
GMC decision in Southall case challenged in High Court
Warning signs often occur hours or days before a stroke
UK and US governments must monitor Iraq casualties
Low cost measures could save lives of three million babies a year
Low dose aspirin helps prevent ischaemic stroke in women
Japanese study is more evidence that MMR does not cause autism
Doctors question whether all blood transfusions are effective and necessary
GPs' college issues guidance on hepatitis A and B vaccination
Treatment for heart disease must improve in deprived areas
US campaign contributes to 7% fall in smoking among teenagers
Scientists criticise new NIH rules to cut employees' ties to industry
Hopes for Russia's transplant service rise as doctors are cleared of murder
Venous thromboembolism caused 25 000 deaths a year, say MPs
Killing or caring?
What's new in the other general journals
“HRG drift” and payment by results
What's new this month in BMJ Journals
Risk factors for pre-eclampsia at antenatal booking: systematic review of controlled studies
Systematic review and meta-analysis of proton pump inhibitor therapy in peptic ulcer bleeding
International retrospective cohort study of neural tube defects in relation to folic acid recommendations: are the recommendations working?
Preventing neural tube defects in Europe: population based study
The mystery of the milky effusion
The pre-eclampsia community guideline (PRECOG): how to screen for and detect onset of pre-eclampsia in the community
The miracle of “sudden renal failure”
Effect of electronic health records in ambulatory care: retrospective, serial, cross sectional study
Not always looking on the bright side of life
Recent developments in asthma management
Sexual health, contraception, and teenage pregnancy
Military midwifery
Validity of composite end points in clinical trials
Population based randomised controlled trial on impact of screening on mortality from abdominal aortic aneurysm
Risk of ischaemic stroke in people with migraine: systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
Money can't buy you satisfaction
Managing chronic diseases
Taking folate in pregnancy and risk of maternal breast cancer : Authors and publishers must not disclaim ethical responsibility
Taking folate in pregnancy and risk of maternal breast cancer : What's in a name?
Taking folate in pregnancy and risk of maternal breast cancer : Authors' reply
Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm : Headline is misleading
Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm : Screening reduces deaths related to aneurysm
Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm : Authors' reply
Democratisation of scientific advice : Secrecy and democracy don't mix
Democratisation of scientific advice : Authors advocate getting dressed for public performance, not nakedness is bad
Charcoal burning is also popular for suicide pacts made on the internet
Submission to multiple journals to reduce publication times : Idea needs further evaluation
Submission to multiple journals to reduce publication times : Access to information might become truly universal
Submission to multiple journals to reduce publication times : What about the readers?
Submission to multiple journals to reduce publication times : Summary of responses
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