HIV patients need new antiretroviral drugs
Nurse led intermediate care may not be cost effective in acute hospitals...
... but nurse led secondary prevention clinics do seem to be cost effective
First year after diagnosis of early breast cancer is most dangerous for depression
GP registrar recruitment should be based on competence
New diagnostic tests need more rigorous evaluation
False positive PSA is associated with increased worry
Heading where exactly?
Highly active antiretroviral therapy
Nurse led care
Large scale food retail interventions and diet
A theme issue “by, for, and about” Africa
New standards for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Government launches plan to overhaul social care services
President Bush and Congress intervene in “right to die” case
In brief
HIV treatment should be free for everyone in Britain, MPs say
Doctors who performed late abortion will not be prosecuted
Length of cancer trials has more than halved over past 30 years
Psychological therapy is better than debriefing for PTSD
Leucocyte count may predict heart disease in women
US campaigners challenge abortion law changes
Cosmetic surgeons aim for the perfect facelift
Israel tightens up hospital research procedures
German scientists demand a ban on tobacco additives
Researcher to be sacked after reporting high rates of ADHD
Private providers must be stopped from skimming off easy cases
Doctors publish details of multiresistant HIV patient
New cases of asthma in children fall by two thirds
Medical research charity unveils glass sculpture
Changes to India's patent law may deny cheap drugs to millions
Falling EU population will affect healthcare provision
What's new in the other general journals
Treatment exhaustion of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) among individuals infected with HIV in the United Kingdom: multicentre cohort study
The non-event worth a thousand successful procedures
Economic evaluation of nurse led intermediate care versus standard care for post-acute medical patients: cost minimisation analysis of data from a randomised controlled trial
Depression and anxiety in women with early breast cancer: five year observational cohort study
Insulin resistance and depressive symptoms in middle aged men: findings from the Caerphilly prospective cohort study
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The Japanese art of Ju-jitsu
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Submitting articles to the BMJ
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A fatal error on the day of the new moon
Family history of breast cancer
Family history of breast cancer
Authors of TADS study reply to letter raising concerns
Recent advances in non-invasive cardiology
Recent advances in non-invasive cardiology
Recent advances in non-invasive cardiology
Four pillars of academic medicine need to be restored
Alcohol in the body
Alcohol in the body
Primary care research networks may herald new collaborations
Deficiencies in disaster funding
Deficiencies in disaster funding
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John Paton Erskine
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Making mischief over abortion
The World's Banker: A Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations
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