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Too many heart patients discharged without follow-up care
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Pathologist in Sally Clark case suspended from court work
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Russia's youth faces worst crisis of homelessness and substance misuse since second world war
EU supports testing for children's drugs
UK proposes reforms for research ethics committees
GMC hearing opens into doctor at centre of organ retention scandal
Canadian Red Cross apologises for distributing HIV infected blood
Loss of tobacco suit means 120 other cases will be dropped
Sudan arrests aid worker for “crimes against the state”
“Lost boys of Sudan” have emotional problems
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“Right to die”
“Right to die”
“Right to die”
“Right to die”
“Right to die”
“Right to die”
“Right to die”
Scottish model for surgical mortality used in Australasia
Clarification: doctors did not accuse Indian authorities of massaging leprosy data
Why clinicians are natural bayesians
Why clinicians are natural bayesians
Why clinicians are natural bayesians
Why clinicians are natural bayesians
Online music model could work for journals
English surgeons may at last be about to become doctors
English surgeons may at last be about to become doctors
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