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Foundation trusts revel in new powers, report says
US doctors and public favour annual check ups
Medieval guide warns that sex is harmful for people with "dry breathing"
WHO puts abortifacients on its essential drug list
GPs appear before GMC accused of missing warning signs in deaths of Shipman's patients
UK will launch European health insurance card in September
Government unveils new approach to emergency care
Aspirin does not prevent cancer, and vitamin E does not prevent heart disease or cancer
Home test shows sex of fetus at five weeks of pregnancy
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Value of routine funduscopy in patients with hypertension: systematic review
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Challenging the patience of patients
Calcium and vitamin D in preventing fractures
Calcium and vitamin D in preventing fractures
Calcium and vitamin D in preventing fractures
Calcium and vitamin D in preventing fractures
Vitamin D deficiency may have role in chronic low back pain
Participants in research
Participants in research
Participants in research
Surveying the literature from animal experiments
Surveying the literature from animal experiments
Horizon: Does the MMR Jab Cause Autism?
Horizon: Does the MMR Jab Cause Autism?
Anger is the weed, hate is the tree
Rodney Saville Sneath
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