More melanomas are caught early in the US
Flocculant-disinfection gives best results in Kenya
Smoking ban proposed in the UK may worsen health inequalities
Nurse led programmes don't improve COPD
Hypertension can be monitored by patients
Systematic reviews should assess quality of RCT interventions
Vitamin E, donepezil don't slow progression of mild cognitive impairment
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Foundation programme for newly qualified doctors
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Coronary heart disease in women
Clean drinking water for homes in Africa and other less developed countries
Avoiding rabies
Merck faces ongoing claims after Texan ruling on rofecoxib
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Parents of disabled baby lose appeal against court order
US National Institutes of Health issue new ethics guidelines
South African doctors arrested in kidney sale scandal
Dutch murder case leads to talks with attorney general
Prison officers had no sign of Shipman's suicidal tendencies
UN millennium health goals will not be achieved, report warns
"Catastrophic" violence continues unchecked in Somalia
Canadian antismoking law is watered down
GPs' diagnoses of type II diabetes rose by 50% in 10 years, study shows
Global Fund pulls grants to Myanmar and Uganda
Plans for genetic testing of German civil servants stirs controversy
BMA warns against unnecessary screening tests in private sector
Half a million Americans use methamphetamine every week
Chronic pain is poorly managed
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Junior doctors' shifts and sleep deprivation : Pendulum is still swinging
Junior doctors' shifts and sleep deprivation : “Weeks of nights” give the illusion of working fewer hours
Junior doctors' shifts and sleep deprivation : Please make on-call rooms available to doctors at night
Hospital formularies restrict evidence based practice
Withdrawal of co-proxamol : Drug was useful in gastroenterology as well as rheumatology...
Withdrawal of co-proxamol : ... and its withdrawal is illogical
Challenges to implementing NPfIT : Nothing counts except what is in front of the clinician to use
Challenges to implementing NPfIT : Clinicians are becoming increasingly more influential
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