Crisis resolution teams seem to improve mental health services
Integrated care is better for psychoses
Londoners handled the bombs well
Do graffiti make you fatter?
Primary prevention of CHD saves more lives than secondary
Herpes zoster vaccine is safe and effective for older adults
Stay at home
Bridging the equity gap in maternal and child health
Evidence based reform of mental health care
Reforming research ethics committees
Which career first?
Soft tissue tumours of the extremities
UK team hopes to create a human embryo from three donors
Lancet criticises its owner for hosting international arms fair
In brief
Bush unveils mental health action plan
Mental health plans are not being fully implemented in England
UK chancellor announces new type of fund to provide $4bn vaccine aid
Goals to reduce poverty and infant mortality will be missed
UK agency recommends better monitoring of multidrug resistant E coli
Poor management, not drug costs, is hampering implementation of NICE guidance
Eight in 10 dancers have an injury each year, survey shows
US study shows that folic acid fortification decreases neural tube defects
Pathologist faces GMC hearing over altered autopsy report
Scotland doesn't have enough high dependency beds, report says
European MPs offer extension of patents to companies developing drugs for children
Senior doctors admit mistakes in campaign for more open culture
FDA ducks decision on emergency contraceptive
Short cuts : What's new in the other general journals
Randomised controlled trial of acute mental health care by a crisis resolution team: the north Islington crisis study
A randomised multicentre trial of integrated versus standard treatment for patients with a first episode of psychotic illness
Psychological and behavioural reactions to the bombings in London on 7 July 2005: cross sectional survey of a representative sample of Londoners
Graffiti, greenery, and obesity in adults: secondary analysis of European cross sectional survey
The triumph of our art?
Tetraparesis associated with colchicine is probably due to inhibition by verapamil of the P-glycoprotein efflux pump in the blood-brain barrier
Basic transthoracic echocardiography
The Law and Ethics of Medical Research: International Bioethics and Human Rights
Radiation from CT and perfusion scanning in pregnancy
Modelling the decline in coronary heart disease deaths in England and Wales, 1981-2000: comparing contributions from primary prevention and secondary prevention
Cancer prevention
Scabies: diagnosis and treatment
Alternative breast cancer drug shows promise
Delayed prescribing of antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection
Obituary: Paddy Donaldson
Agencies scale up African relief
Fatal allopurinol hypersensitivity syndrome after treatment of asymptomatic hyperuricaemia
A timeless lesson
Is a consultation needed?
Revealing the diagnosis of androgen insensitivity syndrome in adulthood
War wound
Developing clinical guidelines: a challenge to current methods
Chocolate poisoning
Childhood cancer and power lines : What do the data mean?
Childhood cancer and power lines : Results do not support causal role for electromagnetic fields
Childhood cancer and power lines : Results depend on chosen control group
Childhood cancer and power lines : Study had important omissions
Childhood cancer and power lines : Summary of responses
Childhood cancer and power lines : Authors' reply
Using mobile phones in hospitals : Risks were worth running during SARS epidemic
Using mobile phones in hospitals : Evidence is lacking, but risk may not be nothing
Using mobile phones in hospitals : New phones seem not to interfere with new equipment
Review of publication bias in studies on publication bias : Studies on publication bias are probably susceptible to the bias they study
Review of publication bias in studies on publication bias : Meta-research on publication bias does not help transfer research results to patient care
Review of publication bias in studies on publication bias : Here's a proposal for editors that may help reduce publication bias
Review of publication bias in studies on publication bias : Mandatory publication of data may help
Review of publication bias in studies on publication bias : Systematic review is needed
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