Stuttering can be treated by early intervention
Antenatal steroids reduce respiratory distress in babies
Antenatal steroids may have no long term side effects
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The Japanese healthcare system
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Inequality is barrier to global development, says World Bank
UN global summit disappoints aid groups
In brief
Charity says NICE takes too long to assess cancer drugs
England lags behind Scotland in assessing cancer drug
Digital mammography is more accurate only for certain groups of women
Doctors refuse space to group fighting drug company influence
Surgeon wins £1.6m in race discrimination case
Dutch researchers call for sex education in primary schools
International Committee of the Red Cross set to accept new symbol
GMC introduces tighter regulation for some and a lighter touch for others
Women and girls are still victims of violence in Darfur
Typhoid outbreak prompts protests over inadequate water system
Thousands face compulsory treatment in the community under new UK act
Older people's care needs a major overhaul
Students should spend part of training in rural hospitals
Men's life expectancy is catching up with women's
Quarter of people with diabetes in England are undiagnosed
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Neonates must sometimes be allowed to die, but err in favour of life
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Women doctors and their careers: what now? : Women contribute less than men to non-clinical care as general practitioners in Scotland
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Foundation year for newly qualified doctors : Nobody knows whether the foundation programme works
Foundation year for newly qualified doctors : Will this development benefit overseas doctors?
Foundation year for newly qualified doctors : GMC assessment of junior doctors' competency is inadequate or inconsistent
Melanoma incidence has risen in Europe
Government did not suppress health inequalities report
Short term outcomes lead to long term questions
Israeli army's shoot to kill policy : Israeli soldiers confirm the policy documented in journal
Israeli army's shoot to kill policy : Reply from the president of the Israeli Medical Association
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