Obesity begins in infancy
Choose long acting β blockers for elderly surgical patients
Ethics may lead to bias: recruitment
Ethics may lead to bias: consent
Who is to blame for high prices of US drugs?
Oestrogen does not improve quality of life for postmenopausal women after hysterectomy
Better decisions
Cervical cancer, human papillomavirus, and vaccination
Left behind: the legacy of hurricane Katrina
Mandatory reporting to the police of all sexually active under-13s
β blockers for patients at risk of cardiac events during non-cardiac surgery
East Asia is most at risk of human flu epidemic, experts say
UK avian flu surveillance system is inadequate, Lords inquiry is told
In brief
European centre plays down threat from avian influenza
Northern Ireland will introduce a smoking ban
UK pushes EU to tackle health gap between rich and poor
NHS to settle small compensation claims without litigation
UK academics gain free access to database of patients
Russian doctors sell drugs to misusers to supplement salaries
Popular herbal remedy for hot flushes is no better than placebo
New GP network will integrate conventional and complementary medicine
High Court overturns GMC's decision to strike off plastic surgeon
New consultation exercise on health white paper has not been inclusive enough, critics say
Upsurge of violence in Darfur is endangering aid workers
Doctors should be allowed to offer patients a simplified form of consent, expert says
UK should spend more on research into Alzheimer's disease
Foundation hospitals are not accountable to their communities
Kashmir crisis is worse than the Asian tsunami, says WHO
What's new in the other general journals
Being big or growing fast: systematic review of size and growth in infancy and later obesity
BMA warns against unnecessary screening tests in private sector
Taking the final step: changing the law on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Time for change
Regulating the drugs industry transparently
Radiotherapy improves outcome in patients with locally advanced prostate cancer
β blockers for elective surgery in elderly patients: population based, retrospective cohort study
What's in November's studentBMJ?
Appropriateness of use of medicines in elderly inpatients: qualitative study
Self reported health and mortality: ecological analysis based on electoral wards across the United Kingdom
Sanitas sanitatum
Recruiting patients to medical research: double blind randomised trial of “opt-in” versus “opt-out” strategies
Bias from requiring explicit consent from all participants in observational research: prospective, population based study
Effect of diverging policy across the NHS
If at first you don't succeed... sue
The psychological impact of alopecia
Hypercalcaemia in cancer
How informatics tools help deal with patients' problems
Foreign free riders and the high price of US medicines
Tea drinking and nervous ailments
Consultations about changing behaviour
Evidence not ideology : The BMJ should take a position on the evidence about privatisation
Evidence not ideology : No evidence is without ideology
Evidence not ideology : The NHS is still working
Time for Ofhealth
Do GPs deserve their pay rise? : Of course successful hard work deserves reward
Do GPs deserve their pay rise? : What do GPs earn?
Do GPs deserve their pay rise? : Do chief executives deserve their pay rises?
Do GPs deserve their pay rise? : IBM is replacing EBM
Students need education fit for professional and public life
Epirubicin seems to cause venous sclerosis
Postcards from the edge : Homelessness poses extra challenge in reducing self harm
Postcards from the edge : GPs have role in reducing repetition of self harm
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians : Achieving compatibility in motor vehicle crashes
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians : Not all SUVs are the same
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians : Attitudes to SUVs and “slam door” rolling stock represent a paradox
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians : SUV driving and adaptive behaviour
Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians : Solution must consider psychology of SUV use
Abdul Ghafoor Baloch
Joza (“Josephine”) Bruegel
Thomas John Coady
Robert Hayden (“Bob”) Ellis
John Alexander Grant Elmslie
Frederick Earle Fraser
Ada Glynn
William David Hayley
Hugh Cameron Kennedy
William Worsley Richardson
David Ward Smith
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Disease and Democracy: The Industrialised World Faces AIDS
Integration of Public Health with Adaptation to Climate Change: Lessons Learned and New Directions
Panorama: Love Hurts
The future of tobacco
Hit parade
Informed consent (and a flutter in Vegas)