Millennium development goals: time to reassess strategies
Maternal and neonatal health: universal access is imperative
Elderly patients don't need to wait in hospitals for residential care
Stillbirths could be better classified
Irish smoking ban protected non-smoking bar staff
Cholesterol lowering diet for pregnant women may help prevent preterm birth
Nervous laughter
Are cost effective interventions enough to achieve the millennium development goals?
Trauma care research and the war on uncertainty
Persistent high stroke mortality in Bangladeshi populations
Diabetes and the quality and outcomes framework
International conference “mildly optimistic” about bird flu
Political lead essential to avoid panic when flu strikes
In brief
US has most reports of medical errors
UK patient safety is improving
NICE to issue faster guidance on use of drugs by NHS
Merck cleared in personal injury case against Vioxx
FDA investigates direct to consumer adverts
Surgeon suspended for "pushy Americans" comment
Sweet foods increase breast cancer risk
US panel recommends young children receive hepatitis A vaccination
First NHS funded live liver transplant programme to go ahead
Tribunal declares Gulf war syndrome an "umbrella term"
More drug trials end early hiding potential problems
Bush announces US plan for flu pandemic
Secret book deal to counter Canadian drugs exposed
The long road to the top
What's new in the other general journals
Cost effectiveness analysis of strategies for maternal and neonatal health in developing countries
Transitional care facility for elderly people in hospital awaiting a long term care bed: randomised controlled trial
Classification of stillbirth by relevant condition at death (ReCoDe): population based cohort study
Legislation for smoke-free workplaces and health of bar workers in Ireland: before and after study
Effect of educational outreach to nurses on tuberculosis case detection and primary care of respiratory illness: pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial
Cervical cancer, human papillomavirus, and vaccination
Improvements in quality of clinical care in English general practice 1998-2003: longitudinal observational study
Shoulder pain: diagnosis and management in primary care
Dukes's patient
Keeping up: learning in the workplace
Symbolism in imagery and linguistics—perception and misperception
Time to reassess strategies for improving health in developing countries
Methods to assess the costs and health effects of interventions for improving health in developing countries
Use of private health care in the NHS
Medicine's need
Improving surveillance of MRSA bacteraemia
Improving surveillance of MRSA bacteraemia
Improving surveillance of MRSA bacteraemia
Detecting fabricated or induced illness in children
Detecting fabricated or induced illness in children
Orphan drugs and the NHS
Orphan drugs and the NHS
Asymptomatic spread of flu is not proved
Total smoking ban is accepted in New Zealand
Misdiagnosis of conversion symptoms
Misdiagnosis of conversion symptoms
Obesity, like atherosclerosis, starts early in life
Feroz Shah
Henry William Bunje
Thomas Anderson Cockburn
Sajal Kumar Ghosh
Mary (“Molly”) Jack Ironside (née Gove)
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Nelson's Surgeon: William Beatty, Naval Medicine, and the Battle of Trafalgar
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In Pakistan's earthquake zone global relief has so far failed its test
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