Sedative use in older people with insomnia may not be advantageous
Women with treated CIN remain at increased risk of cervical and other cancers
Medically conceived twins have an increased risk of preterm birth
Ensure the basics for children in developing countries
UK patients want fast access to good care
Early analgesia for children with acute abdominal pain did not affect management or outcome
An uncomfortable ride
Metabolic syndrome
Extended prescribing by UK nurses and pharmacists
European developments in labelling allergenic foods
Primary care trusts: do they have a future?
The private health sector in India
UK doctors protest at extension to nurses' prescribing powers
Italy's smoking ban has led to an 8% drop in tobacco consumption
In brief
Dignitas is investigated for helping healthy woman to die
Lords back bill to legalise assisted suicide
Watchdog finds that NHS is failing stroke patients
Woman fights for parents' right to know abortion advice to under 16s
Primary care trust reverses decision not to fund trastuzumab
Improving choice for patients from disadvantaged groups should reduce health inequalities
Austrian town uses mirrors to tackle lack of daylight
GMC hears charge that doctor ended a patient's life prematurely
Austrian woman sues doctor and hospital for sterilising her without consent
Holland is criticised for the way it deported a mentally ill asylum seeker
EU is urged to reduce injuries to children
UK doctors move towards general practice and flexible working
WHO agrees global action plan to control avian flu
Industry steps up efforts to develop avian flu vaccine
Ugandan rebel soldiers target aid operations after indictment of their leaders
Rebuilding Afghanistan's health service is hampered by insecurity and lack of funds
UK regulator seeks views on genetic testing of embryos
Some independent treatment centres have a high cancellation rate, audit finds
Lifestyle modification with drug treatment achieves most weight loss, study finds
Uncertainty over reorganisation is destabilising primary care
Private commissioning plan raises question over conflicts of interest
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Obesity and type 2 diabetes in children, 1996-7 to 2003-4
What's new this month in BMJ Journals
Sedative hypnotics in older people with insomnia: meta-analysis of risks and benefits
Preterm birth in twins after subfertility treatment: population based cohort study
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How does progress towards the child mortality millennium development goal affect inequalities between the poorest and least poor? Analysis of Demographic and Health Survey data
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Rethinking breast screening—again
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Risk of cervical and other cancers after treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: retrospective cohort study
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A shocking affair
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Challenges of private provision in the NHS
Human and animal health
Competition in general practice
What do patients and the public want from primary care?
Adjuvant trastuzumab for breast cancer
Adjuvant trastuzumab for breast cancer
Adjuvant trastuzumab for breast cancer
Adjuvant trastuzumab for breast cancer
Adjuvant trastuzumab for breast cancer
Stockpiling oseltamivir
Stockpiling oseltamivir
Health in Africa
Health in Africa
Croatia's brain drain
Postpartum eclampsia of late onset: a complicated case
Data are still needed for HPV immunisation programme
India plans to audit clinical trials
CAM before the storm: authors' reply
Consultants' hours of work: a new perspective
Lady doctors: where are the gentleman doctors?
Michael Phelps Ward
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Valerian Pius Kimati
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Jean Katherine Patterson (née Ritchie)
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Michael John Stone
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The Year of Magical Thinking
The Vaccine Controversy: The History, Use, and Safety of Vaccinations
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