Women with diabetes are more at risk of fatal CHD than men
HPV triage could be cost effective
Neurotropic viruses are associated with cerebral palsy
Poverty, unemployment and raw milk are associated with TB in Russia
“Treat first, endoscope later” in GORD
A low allergen diet may help breastfeeding mothers with colicky babies
Swept along by the tide
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Primary care for refugees and asylum seekers
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Lymphogranuloma venereum
Children in Turkey die after contracting avian flu
Korean cloning studies were fakes
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US study questions use of black box warning on antidepressants
Doctors outraged at Patriot Act's potential to seize medical records
UK drug companies must disclose funding of patients' groups
Vitamin D is associated with a lower risk of cancer
Managed alcohol intake improves health of homeless alcoholic people, study shows
Coffee is associated with lower risk of breast cancer in women with BRCA mutations
New leader commits Tory party to an NHS that is free to all
US tries to increase routine hepatitis B vaccination
Payment incentives for GPs bear no relation to health benefits
Obesity in middle age is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease
US doctors debate safety of abortifacient drug
Report on E coli outbreak recommends review of guidance
Rains fail to bring relief in Zimbabwe
Art for health's sake
Excess risk of fatal coronary heart disease associated with diabetes in men and women: meta-analysis of 37 prospective cohort studies
Neurotropic viruses and cerebral palsy: population based case-control study
Lifetime effects, costs, and cost effectiveness of testing for human papillomavirus to manage low grade cytological abnormalities: results of the NHS pilot studies
Effect of testing for human papillomavirus as a triage during screening for cervical cancer: observational before and after study
Risk factors for pulmonary tuberculosis in Russia: case-control study
Qualities of a surgeon
MPs accuse Medical Research Council of panic over bird flu
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Primum non nocere
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Medical treatment of early breast cancer. II: endocrine therapy
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Project: London—supporting vulnerable populations
Her final days
Good quality monitoring is crucial for informed choice
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Mental health legislation and decision making capacity
Mental health legislation and decision making capacity
HIV/AIDS is still a double sentence in prisons
UK experience of smoke-free young offenders institute
How Islam changed medicine
How Islam changed medicine
How Islam changed medicine
Disappearing teaspoons
Disappearing teaspoons
Disappearing teaspoons
Disappearing teaspoons
Disappearing teaspoons
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