Fondaparinux reduces thromboembolism in elderly medical patients
Babies of HBsAg positive mothers should be immunised
Primary care has to be considered in STI surveillance
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Doctors with history of drug misuse will face spot checks
Saw palmetto extract is not effective for benign prostatic hyperplasia
Watchdog rules that Merck violated the UK industry code of practice
New coroners’ system to be set up in England and Wales
UK trainee doctors spurn obstetrics and gynaecology
Published death rates may distort work of Scottish surgical “heroes”
Rebuilding of Afghanistan is hampered by the Taliban
Efficacy and safety of fondaparinux for the prevention of venous thromboembolism in older acute medical patients: randomised placebo controlled trial
Effect of hepatitis B immunisation in newborn infants of mothers positive for hepatitis B surface antigen: systematic review and meta-analysis
Trends in sexually transmitted infections in general practice 1990-2000: population based study using data from the UK general practice research database
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