Treating secondary sleep disorders with melatonin is not effective
Sham devices may have a greater placebo effect than inert pills
Larger clinical teams deliver higher quality primary care
Authors value free access to research articles
How to best manage Dupuytren's contracture
More evidence that hormone replacement therapy causes incontinence in postmenopausal women
Disentangling separate effects
Does melatonin help people sleep?
Clinical course of infection with hepatitis C
Surgery for emphysema
Liver transplantation from non-heart beating donors
Diarrhoea and malnutrition in children
Bush proposes cutting Medicare budget by $36bn
US agency launches initiative on better prescribing for hypertension
In brief
FDA committee votes for warning labels on stimulant drugs
Africa is ill equipped to fight a bird flu epidemic
Expert witnesses are issued with new advice after high profile failings
Industry association suspends drug company for entertaining doctors
NHS is urged to become more energy conscious
Partially sighted woman takes Polish government to international court over denial of abortion
Methamphetamine epidemic hits middle America
Doctor reignites euthanasia row in Belgium after mercy killing
University clears scientist of misconduct but says his conduct was misbehaviour
Lawyers in MMR vaccine cases have had £1.3m from public funds
NHS patients who do not want their information shared will have to opt out of IT system
Waiting times fall in Scotland, but watchdog urges caution
Work of staff grade doctors does not get proper recognition
Hanging in the balance
Efficacy and safety of exogenous melatonin for secondary sleep disorders and sleep disorders accompanying sleep restriction: meta-analysis
Determinants of primary medical care quality measured under the new UK contract: cross sectional study
Sham device v inert pill: randomised controlled trial of two placebo treatments
Importance of free access to research articles on decision to submit to the BMJ: survey of authors
Interactive case report: an alcoholic patient who continues to drink: case outcome
Patients get four choices for NHS treatments
Barriers to using warfarin in non-valvular atrial fibrillation
Dupuytren's contracture unfolded
Pregnancy and congenital heart disease
A 28 year old postpartum woman with right sided chest discomfort: case presentation
Diabetic foot ulcers
What's new in the other general journals
Process evaluation in randomised controlled trials of complex interventions
Lessons for clinical trials from natalizumab in multiple sclerosis
Have targets improved performance in the English NHS?
An unusual ending to an anatomy lesson
An alcoholic patient who continues to drink: endoscopic treatment is preferred
The incidence of gastroschisis : Research urgently needs resources
The incidence of gastroschisis : Is also increasing in Spain, particularly among babies of young mothers
Assessing fitness to practise : Common sense approach to revalidation/accreditation
Assessing fitness to practise : Revalidation is a long and winding road
Conscientious objection in medicine : Author did not meet standards of argument based ethics
Conscientious objection in medicine : Doctors' freedom of conscience
Conscientious objection in medicine : The ethics of responding to bird flu
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