Treat low back pain with acupressure
Education can improve GPs’ detection of dementia
Breast cancer screening yields 10% over-diagnosis
Should all children be immunized against hepatitis A?
Cost effectiveness studies show publication bias
Cone biopsy shortens the cervix and is associated with preterm birth in later pregnancies
Count the harms
Learning from the TGN1412 trial
Evaluating new screening tests for breast cancer
Acupressure for low back pain
Improving the management of dementia
Alcohol misuse and ethnicity
Severe adverse reactions prompt call for trial design changes
In brief
Court delays takeover of Derbyshire practice
Researchers funded by NIH are failing to make data available
Judge rules that baby boy should not be allowed to die
Project retrains prostitutes as care workers for elderly people
Senators block Bush’s nominee to head FDA
Foundation trusts turn in strong financial performance
German hospital doctors strike over pay
MEPs fight to reinstate EU health funding
European group targets overuse of antibiotics
Israelis won’t get cover for transplantation unless they can show organ is legal
Most of CMAJ editorial board resigns
Department of Health issues new tariffs for NHS trusts
US cigarette consumption falls to lowest point since 1951
Health secretary urges better management of chronic disease
Doctors will test whether Mozart can reduce stress in babies
Surgeons may need to work from “chambers” to meet local demand
Rate of over-diagnosis of breast cancer 15 years after end of Malmö mammographic screening trial: follow-up study
Over-diagnosis in breast cancer screening
Effectiveness of educational interventions in improving detection and management of dementia in primary care: cluster randomised controlled study
Blade Runner
Treatment of low back pain by acupressure and physical therapy: randomised controlled trial
Einstein on truth
Bias in published cost effectiveness studies: systematic review
Hanging in the balance
Obituary: Sir John Peel
Optimising prenatal diagnosis of Down’s syndrome
Please do not resuscitate: Automatic refusal is as harmful as offering resuscitation to all
Disorders of sodium balance
Accidental hypothermia
Reconstructive surgery
What’s new in the other general journals
Should all children be immunised against hepatitis A?
Contracting out health services in fragile states
Do enforced bicycle helmet laws improve public health?
No clear evidence from countries that have enforced the wearing of helmets
Arguments against helmet legislation are flawed
Ramifications of screening for breast cancer : 1 in 4 cancers detected by mammography are pseudocancers
Ramifications of screening for breast cancer : Overdiagnosis in the Malmö trial was considerably underestimated
Ramifications of screening for breast cancer : Definition of overdiagnosis is confusing in follow-up of Malmö trial
Ramifications of screening for breast cancer : Consent for screening
Ramifications of screening for breast cancer : More debate and better information still needed
Prophylactic heparin in palliative care : A cautious welcome . . .
Prophylactic heparin in palliative care : . . . to a challenging idea
Effectiveness of hip protectors : Wider picture is important
Effectiveness of hip protectors : It’s more the effectiveness of compliance strategies
Ethics committees : Current research ethics forms are an over-reaction that will stifle research
Ethics committees : We all need research ethics committees
Approval of inhaled insulin in Europe and United States
Leonard Glynn
Henry Hemsted
Elizabeth Weir Hopkins (née Hall)
Anne Cecilia Metten
Timothy Roper Peskett
Alfred William Raffan
Vincent England Sherburn
David Alexander Thomson
The Cutter Incident: How America’s First Polio Vaccine Led to the Growing Vaccine Crisis
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The Family Man
My life as a guinea pig
Let’s be fair about equity and equality