Assertive mental health service improved engagement
Could screening for amblyopia be better targeted?
Anxiety and depression in childhood may raise risk of ecstasy use
Ethnic groups and differences in hypertension
Biomedical research in developing countries needs local regulation
Weight of evidence favours ketamine for children having fracture reduction
Trust and demand
Ecstasy and the antecedents of illicit drug use
Hepatitis B immunisation in Britain: time to change?
The neglect of trauma surgery
Gillick or Fraser? A plea for consistency over competence in children
Life expectancy: women now on top everywhere
Another 2.4 million health professionals needed, says WHO
Swiss judge orders HIV positive woman to disclose partners’ names
In brief
All older people should be guaranteed basic level of care
Chinese rules on transplantation do not go far enough
NICE says doctors could help 165 000 more smokers to quit
Meta-analysis challenges benefits of moderate drinking
Gene therapy cures two men of immune system disorder
Men who became ill in drug trial improve
Becker promotes condom use in Germany
Authors threaten to withhold articles from CMAJ
Doctors are failing to tell diabetic people about UK driving rules
Joint public-private initiative aims to boost public health in India
Reform group calls for shake up in NHS funding
Zambia scraps healthcare fees for poor rural people
UK government gives consultants pay award in stages
Vaccines against cervical cancer provoke US controversy
Aspirin will loom large in World Cup shindig
Government favours “creative destruction” of the NHS
The REACT study: randomised evaluation of assertive community treatment in north London
Call for papers
Readmission after hysterectomy and prophylactic low molecular weight heparin: retrospective case-control study
Does amblyopia affect educational, health, and social outcomes? Findings from 1958 British birth cohort
Does amblyopia matter?
Symptoms of anxiety and depression in childhood and use of MDMA: prospective, population based study
When a medical qualification is not good enough
Sleep disorders in children and adolescents
Concealment is power
Hypertension and ethnic group
Testicular tumour presenting as gynaecomastia
No clear evidence for countries that have enforced the wearing of helmets
Do it yourself thermotherapy
What’s new in the other general journals
Referral management centres: promising innovations or Trojan horses?
Patients are not commodities
Not another innovation
Regulation of biomedical research in Africa
A rank offence
Do enforced bicycle helmet laws improve public health? : Determining true effectiveness of safety measures
Do enforced bicycle helmet laws improve public health? : Evidence is conflicting
Do enforced bicycle helmet laws improve public health? : Start with an assessment of the base problem, rather than assume a solution
Physical treatments have valuable role in osteoarthritis
Disorders of sodium balance : Iatrogenic hyponatraemia—water overload and not enough potassium
Disorders of sodium balance : Hyponatraemia and drug use (and abuse)
Disorders of sodium balance : Hyponatraemia can occur during transurethral resection of prostate
Disorders of sodium balance : Hypothyroidism and hyponatraemia: an old wives’ tale?
Disorders of sodium balance : Management of hypernatraemic dehydration differs in children
The CMA’s legitimation crisis
Guantanamo: a call for action : Good men need to do something
Guantanamo: a call for action : Author’s reply
Guantanamo: a call for action : Doctors should not treat detainees only to render them fit for further abuse
Guantanamo: a call for action : Would GMC dismiss a complaint against Guantanamo doctor?
Abdullah Nakas
Ewen Crighton Bramwell
David Alexander (“Sandy”) Mann
Gwyn Meirion Mason
Christopher Moran
Robert Thomas Paul
Eric Sarraff
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Edgar Ralph (“Mike”) Wide
Panorama. The Hospital That Failed Women
Unknown White Male
Hope or Hype: The Obsession with Medical Advances and the High Cost of False Promises
Poverty, health, and the role of doctors
Reconciling 21st century temptations with 20th century resources and problems
Medicine is not a club