Medical academia is failing patients and clinicians
Brains and mobile phones
Strict glucose control in the critically ill
Regulating the collection and use of fetal stem cells
The care of older people
Massachusetts is to provide health care for 99% of population
US lags in health care despite largest investment, survey shows
In brief
Inquiry into adverse events in trial blames drug, not study design
Disease awareness campaigns turn healthy people into patients
UK launches panel to tackle research misconduct
Guidance does not require mandatory reporting of underage sex
Killer tries to stop publication of inquiry into his care
EU warns four countries over tobacco advertising
Nine drug company chiefs are charged with conspiracy to defraud NHS
Uganda sees a rise of 12% in TB cases
Keep community hospitals open, primary care trusts told
UK government consults public on compulsory folate fortification
Links between doctors across the world bring benefits
Chance of bird flu mutating into virus transmissible between humans is “very low”
Creating a level playing field can be an uphill task
Accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: systematic review
Clinical value of the metabolic syndrome for long term prediction of total and cardiovascular mortality: prospective, population based cohort study
Metabolic syndrome and mortality
Paracetamol causes most liver failure in UK and US
Tetraparesis associated with colchicine is probably due to inhibition by verapamil of the P-glycoprotein efflux pump in the blood-brain barrier
Mobile phone use and risk of glioma in adults: case-control study
Are some people sensitive to mobile phone signals? Within participants double blind randomised provocation study
Nicorandil may be associated with gastrointestinal ulceration
The 1918 influenza pandemic: a survivor’s tale
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Heartbroken, not heartsink
Understanding the NSAID related risk of vascular events
Dr No
70 year old man with scrotal swelling, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and renal lesions: case report
Non-surgical and drug treatments
What’s new this month in BMJ Journals
What’s new in the other general journals
Seven years of feast, seven years of famine: boom to bust in the NHS?
Can fetuses feel pain?
Treating refractory epilepsy in adults
Effect of combinations of drugs on all cause mortality in patients with ischaemic heart disease: nested case-control analysis
Bird flu : Pandemic flu preparation: an unheeded lesson from SARS
Bird flu : Pandemic flu is not just about probability
Bird flu : Pandemic flu at the coal face
Non-European doctors and change in UK policy : Ten thousand international medical graduates may be affected
Non-European doctors and change in UK policy : What about highly skilled migrant doctors?
Non-European doctors and change in UK policy : Change is cruel and opportunistic
NHS financial crisis: signs of crisis or hope?
Risks and benefits of omega 3 fats : Health benefits of omega 3 fats are in doubt
Risks and benefits of omega 3 fats : A few thoughts on systematic review
Risks and benefits of omega 3 fats : Summary of responses
Benefits from detecting dementia are dubious
Something old, something new in wound dressings
Entrenched misinformation about X and Y sperm
New disease: motivational deficiency disorder : Study ignores economic benefits
New disease: motivational deficiency disorder : Too much effort
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When drug news is no news
Tobacco industry satire fails to ignite
How to halt the brain drain
Caution needed over role of MRI in diagnosing multiple sclerosis
Presence of metabolic syndrome improves mortality risk prediction
Improvements in services haven’t matched increased spending in NHS
Mobile phones do not increase risk of glioma . . .
. . . and nor do they cause worse headaches in “sensitive” people
Vitamin D plus calcium prevents falls in older women but not older men
April fools