Statins show greater benefit for diabetic patients
Sample size considerations are under-reported in studies of diagnostic accuracy
Adolescent obesity is established in childhood
Cerebral emboli are linked with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia
Delayed hospital access in the West Bank may worsen medical conditions
Delayed clamping of the umbilical cord does no harm and reduces anaemia in newborns
Looking for leaders
Diabetes and lipid lowering: where are we?
Cerebral embolism and Alzheimer’s disease
Kidneys for transplant
HPV vaccine and adolescents’ sexual activity
An international standard for disclosure of clinical trial information
Adverse drug reactions result in 250 000 UK admissions a year
Department of Health ends contract with drugs bulletin
In brief
Belgium to tighten drug advertising laws
GMC must consider case against paediatricians who suspected parents of fabricating child’s illness
Chairwoman of Shipman inquiry protests at lack of action
Contrasting views expressed at the meeting
Cancer charity is to “borrow” candidate drugs shelved by companies
EU companies can export generic versions of patented drugs to poor countries
Zuma’s trial leaves confused messages on AIDS
Thousands of Ugandans with AIDS don’t get free drugs
One in four African children has to work
US administration announces plan to combat bird flu
Jerusalem Arabs have higher rate of heart attacks than Jews, study finds
Patients fail to benefit from consultant contract
Cost of out of hours care was 22% higher than predicted in England
Rofecoxib may cause heart attacks in first weeks of use
Lamer quits as chairman of CMAJ governance panel
Efficacy of lipid lowering drug treatment for diabetic and non-diabetic patients: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
Cerebral emboli as a potential cause of Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia: case-control study
Effects of armed conflict on access to emergency health care in Palestinian West Bank: systematic collection of data in emergency departments
Potential for organ donation in the United Kingdom: audit of intensive care records
A textbook type of mind
Sample sizes of studies on diagnostic accuracy: literature survey
Improving the quality and clinical relevance of diagnostic studies
Development of adiposity in adolescence: five year longitudinal study of an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse sample of young people in Britain
Sodium in soluble paracetamol may be linked to raised blood pressure
Pictures from the past
Diagnosis and management of dysmenorrhoea
Vaccines against cervical cancer provoke US controversy
Short cuts
Hypertension and ethnic group
Anomalous origin of left coronary artery in young athletes with syncope
70 year old man with scrotal swelling, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and renal lesions
Living with an anomaly
Definition, epidemiology, and risk factors
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What’s new in the other general journals
Informed choice for screening: implications for evaluation
Common susceptibility genes for cancer: search for the end of the rainbow
Making themselves sicke by phantsye
Hamstring v patellar tendon autografts : A patient’s and clinician’s perspective
Hamstring v patellar tendon autografts : When to operate is important
Hamstring v patellar tendon autografts : When to operate is important: Author’s reply
Confounders in chronic stress at work and metabolic syndrome
Depression should be managed like a chronic disease : Myth of 15% suicide rate was promulgated again
Depression should be managed like a chronic disease : What exactly is “depression”?
Psychological treatment centres : The case against
Psychological treatment centres : Quality of psychological treatment is important
Psychological treatment centres : May be less effective than suggested
Psychological treatment centres : Layard’s vision has already started
Research for profit
Vacuums and maggots in orthopaedic surgery
Selecting medical students : Evidence based admissions procedures for medical students are being tested
Selecting medical students : Evidence based admissions procedures for medical students are being tested: A struggler responds
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