Ethnicity can affect risk of adverse drug reactions
Family-style mealtimes are good for nursing home residents
A second prion protein genotype may be susceptible to vCJD
School based HIV education courses should be more successful
HIV positive children were underdosed with antiretrovirals
Serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors are associated with increased risk of suicide in older people
Not for wimps
Ethnicity and adverse drug reactions
A new human genotype prone to variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Improved food intake in frail older people
Decent health care for older people
UK House of Lords rejects physician assisted suicide
CDC to call for routine AIDS testing for people aged 13–64
In brief
Charity warns of climate impact on poorer nations
Gap in contraceptive use between rich and poor is growing in US
Aid withdrawal is bringing health service in Gaza to brink of collapse
Poor checks for bedside blood transfusion put patients at risk
Can GPs compete with big business?
HFEA widens its criteria for preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Electronic archive of 16 journals dating back 200 years is launched
Swiss launch naked poster campaign to stop AIDS
PLoS launches open access journal for trials
Drug company trials tend to find positive results
Company admits increase in suicidal behaviour in patients taking paroxetine
To expunge sensitive topics from medical journals is “folly”
NHS must reimburse patients treated abroad because of delays
Roche denies claims it sacked employee for “whistle blowing”
AIDS in Russia—glasnost arrives at last
Systematic review and meta-analysis of ethnic differences in risks of adverse reactions to drugs used in cardiovascular medicine
Effect of family style mealtimes on quality of life, physical performance, and body weight of nursing home residents: cluster randomised controlled trial
Underdosing of antiretrovirals in UK and Irish children with HIV as an example of problems in prescribing medicines to children, 1997–2005: cohort study
Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: prion protein genotype analysis of positive appendix tissue samples from a retrospective prevalence study
Prescribing for RITA
HIV prevention in Mexican schools: prospective randomised evaluation of intervention
Computers and compassion
Gabapentin may cause reversible visual field constriction
Reusable learning objects
Pulmonary tuberculosis: diagnosis and treatment
70 year old man with scrotal swelling, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and renal lesions: case outcome
Patient’s view
Team perspective
Vascular lessons
A difficult diagnosis
Interactivity and case learning
Knives rather than swords
Pathology, pathogenesis, and pathophysiology
What’s new in the other general journals
What social marketing can do for you
How social marketing works in health care
Putting social marketing into practice
Optimistic lies
Peripheral arterial disease: still on the periphery?
Pneumonia : Are we putting the CURB score into practice?
Pneumonia : Macrolides or amoxicillin for community acquired pneumonia?
Pneumonia : Be alert to underlying malignancy in follow up of pneumonia . . .
Pneumonia : . . . and to tuberculosis as differential diagnosis in community acquired pneumonia
Pneumonia : Let’s avoid confusion of secondary and primary care issues in pneumonia
How should we rate research? : Counting number of publications may be best research performance measure
How should we rate research? : Cost of research should be disclosed publicly
How should we rate research? : Pedigree: paternity and progeny
Self harm in Goth youth subculture : Study merely reinforces popular stereotypes
Self harm in Goth youth subculture : Conclusion relates only to small sample
Rectal quinine for malaria : Risk of hypoglycaemia may be higher by rectal route
Rectal quinine for malaria : Authors’ reply
New term may be needed for data categorisation
Time for evidence based rewards?
Watson Buchanan
Graham Herbert Anderson
Michael Charles Connell
John (“Ian”) Gowan Gray
Sam Porter Millar
Donagh Declan O’Brien
Stanley Andrew Thomson
Anthony John (“Tony”) Whitaker
Ways of seeing
Hollywood fights bird flu
The Medical Detective: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera
Which patients with which needs are leading the patient-led NHS?
Souls in cages