Different methods for managing miscarriage have same infection rates
Identifying patients’ agendas improves consultations
To call your patient after a suicide attempt may help
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Patient agendas in primary care
Information and intelligence for healthy populations
The palliative role of orthopaedics
Having fewer hospital beds does not mean less health care
Attorney general is to intervene in case of expert witness immunity
In brief
Report gives snapshot health research funding in the UK
Amnesty says human rights have been eclipsed by “war on terror”
Human rights group calls on Israel to save Palestinian health services
Consultants’ pay goes up, but productivity goes down, MPs told
Doctors’ faith in the GMC falls, while that of the public rises
Science meets art in exhibition of the role of botanical specimens in medicine
WHO calls for registration of all clinical trials
Dutch patients are warned against stem cell treatment
Sudanese health minister’s advocacy of condoms sparks controversy
Secret report surfaces: Pfizer was at fault in Nigerian drug tests
EU tightens regulations on food labelling
Derbyshire primary care trust “failed to consult” over contract
WHO’s director general dies
Half a million children a year die of AIDS through lack of drugs
Management of miscarriage: expectant, medical, or surgical? Results of randomised controlled trial (miscarriage treatment (MIST) trial)
Effect of patient completed agenda forms and doctors’ education about the agenda on the outcome of consultations: randomised controlled trial
Effect of telephone contact on further suicide attempts in patients discharged from an emergency department: randomised controlled study
Prospective study of alcohol drinking patterns and coronary heart disease in women and men
Effective control of dengue vectors with curtains and water container covers treated with insecticide in Mexico and Venezuela: cluster randomised trials
My worst day
Management of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
For surgeons
The simplest statistical test: how to check for a difference between treatments
Recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis after changing pen devices for insulin injection
A cautionary tale
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Review of NICE’s recommendations, 1999–2005
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Lipid lowering drugs in diabetes : Absolute risk reduction is what counts
Lipid lowering drugs in diabetes : Lipid lowering has ophthalmic benefits
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Dame Janet’s disappointments : Dame Janet’s indignation helps no one
Dame Janet’s disappointments : It’s not that easy to keep an eye on each other
Not so fast with vacuums and maggots as firstline treatment
Access to emergency care in Palestinian West Bank : Study seems not to have been critically appraised
Access to emergency care in Palestinian West Bank : Methods were incomplete
Access to emergency care in Palestinian West Bank : Interpretation of results is flawed
Humanitarian crisis in Israeli occupied territories
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