Prehospital penicillin for meningococcal disease might be harmful...
...but such findings are likely to be confounded by disease severity
COX 2 inhibitors and some NSAIDs increase the risk of vascular events
Cardiologists provide best care for patients with MI
Dieting for six months pays off irrespective of the regimen
Light therapy and fluoxetine both work in seasonal affective disorder
Intelligent analysis
Parenteral penicillin before admission to hospital for meningitis
The BBC diet trials
More money for medical research
Improving health care through redesign
Life without COX 2 inhibitors
Nearly 40 million people worldwide are infected with HIV
Indonesia seeks supplies for earthquake survivors
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Agency criticises drug trial
Avian flu tops WHA agenda
European public health funding is cut back
India will expand number of medical school places after protests
Portrait gallery displays a picture of health
English patients’ satisfaction with care in the NHS is growing
Marijuana use in early pregnancy increases child’s risk of cancer
Neighbours complain of Dignitas bodies in lift
Two thirds of US intensive care patients get suboptimal care
NICE approves aromatase inhibitors for early breast cancer
Uninsured Dutch patients are being denied hospital care, say doctors
US experts revise heart treatment guidelines
World Bank warns of financial crises in healthcare systems
Morals, memes, and gerin oil
Parenteral penicillin for children with meningococcal disease before hospital admission: case-control study
Statistics and death from meningococcal disease in children
Cannabis intoxication and fatal road crashes in France: population based case-control study
Editor’s choice: Improving on improvement
Active and passive smoking and development of glucose intolerance among young adults in a prospective cohort: CARDIA study
Effectiveness of antibiotics given before admission in reducing mortality from meningococcal disease: systematic review
Parent power
Do selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors and traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs increase the risk of atherothrombosis? Meta-analysis of randomised trials
A warning to scholars
Impact of specialty of admitting physician and type of hospital on care and outcome for myocardial infarction in England and Wales during 2004–5: observational study
Randomised controlled trial of four commercial weight loss programmes in the UK: initial findings from the BBC “diet trials”
What’s in a name
Differences in risk factors for partial and no immunisation in the first year of life: prospective cohort study
Socially or materially marginal children are less likely to be fully immunised—a systems response
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Physician, treat thyself
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Saving 100 000 lives in US hospitals
Should we lower cholesterol as much as possible?
Empyema thoracis is still increasing in UK children
More on pneumonia
More on pneumonia
More on pneumonia
Pulmonary tuberculosis: diagnosis and management
Pulmonary tuberculosis: diagnosis and management
Benefits of family mealtimes for nursing home residents
Benefits of family mealtimes for nursing home residents
Ethnic misclassifications hamper progress in research
Self harm in Goth youth subculture: authors’ reply
Can general practitioners compete with big business?
Can general practitioners compete with big business?
Healthcare crisis in Gaza: the BMA responds
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