Alternating pressure mattresses are more cost effective than overlays
Managing low back pain
Guidelines on statin treatment should focus on high risk patients
Sentinel node status has high prognostic value for melanoma
Kidney function tests plus data on proteinuria give better estimate of mortality risk
If treated, babies with moderately severe hyperbilirubinaemia develop normally
What price integrity?
Overlays or mattresses to prevent pressure sores?
Proteinuria, renal impairment, and death
Broadband learning for doctors
Charges of corporate manslaughter in the NHS
Consent for research in hyperacute stroke
Antipsychotic use among US young people has risen sixfold
European agency approves use of fluoxetine for children and teens
In brief
NHS computer programme is “roughly to timetable,” IT chief says
Seven die in polio outbreak in Namibia
Government rejects independent verification of all death certificates
NICE approves trastuzumab for early stage breast cancer
End drug firms’ influence on CME, says AMA journal
World Cup fever boosts fight against neglected diseases
Parents’ vigil ends in tragedy after mix-up in identities of car crash victims
Royal college is forced to retreat on star rating system for GP clinics
Antismoking groups lobby against House of Lords report
Radiotherapy can improve outcomes in some lung cancer patients
Australian GPs “named and shamed” for abusing Medicare
Cord blood banks’ claims are often unfounded, says royal college
NHS deficit doubles to £512m, but true figure may be higher
Expanding definitions of obesity may harm children
Obesity task force linked to WHO takes “millions” from drug firms
Randomised, controlled trial of alternating pressure mattresses compared with alternating pressure overlays for the prevention of pressure ulcers: PRESSURE (pressure relieving support surfaces) trial
Pressure relieving support surfaces (PRESSURE) trial: cost effectiveness analysis
An international standard for disclosure of clinical trial information
Short cuts: Two antiplatelet agents work better than one after stroke
Effect of patient completed agenda forms and doctors’ education about the agenda on the outcome of consultations: randomised controlled trial
Randomised controlled trial of four commercial weight loss programmes in the UK: initial findings from the BBC “diet trials”
Effectiveness and efficiency of different guidelines on statin treatment for preventing deaths from coronary heart disease: modelling study
Cardiovascular risk estimation: important but may be inaccurate
Value of sentinel node status as a prognostic factor in melanoma: prospective observational study
Immediate, underlying, and macro-underlying causes
Proteinuria, impaired kidney function, and adverse outcomes in people with coronary disease: analysis of a previously conducted randomised trial
Double trouble
Diagnosis and treatment of low back pain
Walk the line
Reducing dialysis associated bacteraemia, and recommendations for surveillance in the United Kingdom: prospective study
A 22 year old man with persistent regurgitation and vomiting: case presentation
Pharmacological management—inhaled treatment
What’s new in the other general journals
Commercial influence and the content of medical journals
The price of independence
The enigma
What the educators are saying
Prehospital parenteral penicillin for meningitis : Urgent review of treatment criteria is needed
Prehospital parenteral penicillin for meningitis : Trial in children with suspected meningococcal disease would be useful
Life without COX 2 inhibitors : Risks and benefits are determined by dose and potency
Life without COX 2 inhibitors : Opioids can be prescribed safely in osteoarthritis
Should we lower cholesterol as much as possible? : Policy on high dose statins is startlingly absent
Should we lower cholesterol as much as possible? : Cholesterol is good?
Suicidal behaviour and SSRIs: updated meta-analysis
Hydatidiform mole and medical management of miscarriage
Postcripts to letter to God : Six fingers and testes tucked out of harm’s way would be good
Postcripts to letter to God : Some cosmetic changes would be helpful
Postcripts to letter to God : Separating pipework for swallowing and breathing would be safer
Postcripts to letter to God : On why the eye lacks intelligent design
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