Controversies revisited
Partner notification for the control of STIs
Reducing the carbon footprint of medical conferences
Reassuring patients about normal test results
Early termination of drug trials
SUICIDE RISK : Bipolarity is important during treatment with antidepressants
SUICIDE RISK : Suicidal and self harming behaviours may be distinct
IQ AND VEGETARIANISM : Non-conformity may be hidden driver behind relation
ENDOMETRIOSIS : Infertility set in context
RACISM IN THE NHS : Doctors who look and speak differently may be mistrusted
RACISM IN THE NHS : Everyone has a race card
NHS should increase links with poor countries
Dying woman seeks backing to hasten death
The eyes have it
New patients’ organisations “are being set up to fail,” health committee is told
Open access will mean peer review becomes “the job of the many, not the select few”
UK is behind other rich countries in terms of children’s welfare
Government needs to take lead in preventing injuries
Portugal is ready to decriminalise abortion
Commission for Racial Equality reviews Department of Health
Texas governor is criticised for decision to vaccinate all girls aged 11 and 12 against HPV
Court rejects doctors’ challenge to UK work restrictions
Internet doctor put patients at risk, GMC is told
Breast cancer mortality in Europe is still rising, despite more screening
Doctor, doctor: I got the fever, yeah, and you got the cure
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Are we spending too much on HIV?
Uninsured in America: problems and possible solutions
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Effect of providing information about normal test results on patients’ reassurance: randomised controlled trial
Improved effectiveness of partner notification for patients with sexually transmitted infections: systematic review
Sinusitis and its management
The dizzy clinic and the dictionary (etymology and otology)
Reduction of bloodstream infections associated with catheters in paediatric intensive care unit: stepwise approach
Hardest job in the world
Postpartum splinting of ear deformities
MRSA: to disclose or not to disclose?
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A gangster rap
Patients keep out
We shall never see his like again
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
A bridge over troubled waters
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